Tarot Cards or Angel Cards: Which Deck Should I use?

So, you’re looking into the different tools used by psychics when they’re giving a reading to the sitter and wondering which cards are the best option - we’ve all been there, and at first, it can be difficult to figure out which deck is the right one.

So, you’re looking into the different tools used by psychics when they’re giving a reading to the sitter and wondering which cards are the best option - we’ve all been there, and at first, it can be difficult to figure out which deck is the right one for you. Of course, cards aren’t the only tool that can be used to give a psychic reading; amulets, stones, or other methods of reading can all be used instead of cards, but are also seen as more advanced methods, so beginners will probably want to try out cards first. That leaves you with two major Oracle decks to choose from, Angel Cards and Tarot Cards. Of course, it’s going to come down to preference and the feeling you get when using each different type of card decks, but here’s a quick look at the differences in these sets of cards that readers use during their readings!

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Here is our breakdown of Tarot Cards & Angel Card similarities and differences: 

What are Tarot Cards?

First up, let’s talk about Tarot Cards - perhaps the most most popular tool used by readers across the globe thanks to their level of detail that they offer and the fantastic storytelling abilities that they possess. The cards relate to human experiences and this helps the reader to use the card pack to shed light on the different events and happenings that are going on in people’s lives. Tarot Cards feature an array of different cards which each relate to different aspects of the experiences that us humans go through every day - by combining a selection of these cards together, the reader is able to gain an insight into all of the dynamics at play in your life, from relationships, our internal thoughts and feelings, the advice you’re seeking, or even the external circumstances that are influencing your life. 

A word of warning, however: reading a Tarot Card deck is not easy. There are 78 different cards in a single deck, with each holding its own metaphorical meaning, which can make it difficult for beginners to keep track of the different experiences relating to each card. Within these seventy-eight positive and negative cards, there are endless possibilities that relate to every person and the questions that they may ask. Of course, with more practice and experience using the cards, you’re able to develop your own intuition regarding the cards, which allows you to decipher the meaning behind that card being drawn and then make the connection between this meaning and the events that are happening in people’s lives. If you’d like to further your psychic ability, there are also card readings courses that enable you to hone your skills and become a more effective reader. 

Unlike simple playing cards, Tarot decks are complex, intelligent tools that are able to offer far more insight than you’d ever imagine they could - the tarot deck is divided into two groups, the major arcana and the minor arcana, giving an incredibly varied array of results from the reading which can be used to send any message that’s applicable to the person having the reading. In a Tarot Card reading, you will be shown a couple of different types of card, which each relate to something new. There can be a few variations in the shapes of the spread that you may see when using Tarot cards - some readers will show you a straight spread of five cards, whilst others may display the cards in a diamond structure that's made up of nine cards. In general, the positioning of the cards will follow these rules:

  • The leftmost card relates to any present factors that are influencing your life

  • The card closest to the top will offer guidance on how to proceed in the future

  • The middle card references what to expect if you follow the advice of the guides 

tarot cards

The major arcana relates to bigger influences and experiences - these are the life-changing instances that are memorable, daunting, and exciting to comprehend. There are 22 cards in this part of the deck and these cards are not bound by any kind of suit; they are completely independent of all other cards. If one of these cards surfaces during a reading, it usually refers to a hugely significant event or figure in the person’s life. By contrast, minor cards are compiled of 56 cards that relate to the smaller factors that are at play each day in your life. This section of the deck is divided into four suits: cups, pentacles, swords, and wands. Here are the symbolic meanings of each card suit:

  • Cups: These cards symbolise emotion and are aligned with water signs

  • Pentacles: These are related to career and money, and are aligned with Earth signs

  • Swords: These relate to the intellect and is also aligned with air signs

  • Wands: Finally, the symbolism of wands is tailored to creativity and passion, whilst being aligned fire signs. 

This is very intriguing, as this demonstrates an intertwining with astrology and horoscopes, which can be used as further advice and guidance within the reading. 

How do Angel Cards work?

On the other side of things, we have Angel Cards, which are a type of oracle cards that are far less rigid that Tarot Cards. These card decks do not have a standard size or format, giving you more flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting a deck of cards. For the reader, this can pose a bigger challenge, as you’ll be leaning on your own intuition more than the guidance that the cards are offering, so these cards are best reserved for the more experienced psychic readers. 

With Angel Cards, the end goal that you’re looking to achieve is to connect with angels and archangels - by drawing specific guardian angels from the deck, you’ll be offered an insight into the kind of guidance that you may require. For example, if you were to draw a card that depicted Archangel Michael, it may be a sign that you need to remain protected. Michael is the angel of protection, so you could heed this guidance or potentially even try to connect to the Archangel Michael to ask for his protection. 

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With an Angel Card reading, the question that you ask is vital; it needs to be something that you truly desire the answer to and that you hold a strong belief towards, as this energy will help to fuel the answer that you receive from the angels. Angel cards will usually feature images on one side and an explanation of the figure that is depicted on the other - as the contents and artwork of an Angel card deck can vary, these descriptions are vital as they enable the reader to offer more accurate readings to the sitter.

What to expect from a reading

With each different type of reading, you can expect to see a variety of spreads shown on the table; each spread is specific to the people who are asking the questions or are the sitter for the reading. Most of the time, this will be a single person, however, there have been cases where group readings have been held. In these group readings with friends, there can often be a crossover in energies that makes it more difficult for the reader to decipher the proper interpretation of the cards that are chosen. If possible, it’s always best to be the lone sitter so that the reader is able to focus on you, your mind, and your energy. 

In an Angel Card reading, you will likely be given a single card that will require the reader to use their psychic intuition in order to offer a deeper interpretation into the complete meanings behind the card draw. Talented card readers are able to use their higher level of understanding to process the information and, in line with your own personality, form answers to the question that you’ve asked. Hopefully, this answer will then be able to offer you some positive guidance, whether it be in terms of romance, life experience, healing, or more! 

One thing that you’ll need to bear in mind is that every card layout is different, so your reading will always be personal and articulated through the instinct, resulting in practical guidance based on divine intuition. With any luck, following this guidance will lead to your living a happier, calmer, and more enlightened life, but it’s worth noting that there are also negative messages and negative energies that can be received when looking at your card layout. This is particularly true of Tarot cards, where the idea is that the cards depict the situations that the sitter may find themselves in and offer guidance based upon that, rather than a simple question and answer structure. 

If you’d like to take part in a psychic reading online and learn more about how the different varieties of decks are used provide divine guidance, get in touch with us at Psychic Sofa! We’ve got a hugely talented team of psychics who offer telephone psychic readings in an instant, so you’ll never have to wait for life advice or some uplifting messages from the universe.


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