When can I expect to attract someone new? The Hanged Man situation

Letting go of the past to make way for the new

Quite often when we desire new love “The Hanged Man” in the tarot deck can show up during spiritual readings. Many of us fear this card when it reveals itself because it looks painful but the Hanged Man is “hanging” because something is stopping him from moving forwards and quite often it is because he hasn’t let go of emotional issues that are hindering his freedom.

However, the main lesson of this card reminds you that you control by letting go. The most obvious approach to a problem is not necessary the best option. When we break up from a relationship sometimes all we want is a rebound so that we don’t have to deal with our loneliness, we can also spend too much time dwelling on things that went wrong in the previous relationship, which again stops us from moving on and finding someone new.

Sometimes, the timing just isn’t right and we may have to wait a little longer for the person that fate is bringing to us. Both people must be spiritually and emotionally clear before being bought together and although you may feel as if you are in a good position to meet someone the other person may not be which is quite often the reason why spirit timings can be a little out.

We all want to find that special someone that is going to make our hearts melt, and heal the emptiness that we may be experiencing. Most of us desire someone we can spend our time with and feel at ease with so that we can forget the problems that our daily chores bring to us. Love has a habit of setting people free and when it finally hits us our problems somehow don’t seem as dramatic as what they were before. But spiritually if you haven’t freed yourself up from past issues then you will be hanging like the man himself. Sometimes we just can’t see what it is that is blocking us.

It’s not always easy meeting new people, particularly if you are a nervous or anxious person and letting go of the past can be a tricky thing to do as naturally we compare everything to how it use to be. We sometimes look for qualities in people that mirror our ex partners and before meeting someone new it is important to let go of expectations so that we can accept “people” for “people”.

Some people choose to look at relationships as the evolution of our souls as each relationship we go through is so different and unique, often reflecting qualities about ourselves that we didn’t know were there before. It is important that we find the space within ourselves to let go of any negative inhibitions that may be holding us back so that we can make way for newcomers.

This may mean spending a certain amount of time on our own and although it can seem dull and lifeless it is a vital part of our spiritual and emotional growth so that we can reclaim who we are and work out what we learnt from the previous relationship. Anger can blind us into meeting the wrong person in the same way desperation can. If we haven’t cleared our anger then it is likely we will attract someone with similar issues who is greedy of our time or perhaps untrustworthy, and although a harsh lesson it often provides us with a clearer insight as to why we needed to venture into such an experience, leaving us with the realisation that solitude might have been useful to us after all. Once we have cleared our spaces and dusted off the old cobwebs we can reach out for what it is we deserve with full confidence.

How to attract new people once you feel ready:

Tell your self that you are ready

Tell yourself every day that you are ready to meet new people. Give yourself permission to reclaim your power, even speak out loud when you are alone so that it builds up your faith – if you keep telling yourself that you are ready then someone will soon be pushed in your direction!

Wear pink!

Believe it or not colours attract people! Pink is the colour of healing, love and passion. What the colour Pink does is make a statement. It says: “I am ready for love”. Even if the colour Pink doesn’t particularly suit you then try Pink underwear, a scarf or even a broach! You could even carry a piece of Pink crystal around in your pocket, such as rose quartz.

Focus on your heart chakra

The heart chakra is the centre of love and is associated with the colours Green and Pink. It is about softness, forgiveness, love, compassion and any feeling. You can help to draw new love in by focussing on your heart chakra and imagining a beautiful Green or Pink light around it protecting it asking for the” right love” to enter your life.

Write out your intentions

During New Moons and Full Moons write your special love intention so that spirit are aware of what you want. You can speak it to them or just simply send out positive love intentions into the universe when you feel powerful and at ease with yourself.

“I am ready for new love
I pray to be heard from above
I have let go of the past
And now wish new beginnings to enter in fast
No harm will be done"

Love & Light


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