Stop Toxic Beliefs!

Challenge core beliefs to think yourself happier

Stop Toxic Beliefs!

Challenge core beliefs to think yourself happier

Do you give away control of your life? Do you follow without question what you're told by institutions, religions or your own negative beliefs? What you are told or what you believe may not reflect reality, but it will become your reality. Your beliefs become your destiny whether they are true or not because your beliefs form your actions, words and thoughts. So you can choose to live in a state of negativity, or you can pick a positive path. It's your choice.

*Stop blaming others for your misfortunes or unhappiness

Your life is your responsibility. Blaming others is a way of avoiding responsibility and avoiding taking control. Instead of thinking 'poor me', think 'how can I improve my situation?' What can you do to change things? What can you do to avoid making the same mistake again?

*Stop waiting for the right time

When you retire, you'll be happy. When you make lots of money, you'll be happy. When you find the perfect man/woman, you'll be happy. No! Now is your time to be happy! Find happiness in your life now, instead of waiting for some fabled time in the future to fulfil your happiness.

*Stop pretending you're happy

You tell everyone your life is wonderful. You post endless smiling pictures on social media showing your perfect life. But you're not happy. It's no use putting on an exhausting show for the world if you're miserable inside. So stop! Look inside yourself to find out what makes you really happy. Make changes. Stop thinking about how things appear. Concentrate on how things really are.

*Stop worrying about what you can't change

Some things are beyond your control. Learn to recognise what you cannot change and accept it. You don't have to like it, but don't waste energy hating or worrying about what you can't change.

*Stop pretending you don't have time

If you say you don't have time, it's because you're avoiding someone or something. Think about why you're avoiding them and tackle the issue.

*Stop comparing yourself to others

You are of equal value to everyone else. Nobody is better than you. You are equal. So stop poring over other people's social media photos, thinking their lives are better than yours. They aren't. Jealousy is a destructive emotion that eats you up from the inside. It's a waste of energy and is never based on truth. Log off social media and get out trying to achieve what you can to make your own life better.

*Stop fearing failure

What's the worst that can happen? You fail. Then you pick yourself up with lessons learned and try again. Thinking you can't do it before you even try is nonsensical. Perhaps you can't do this particular idea. But until you try, you won't know! Then if you can't you adjust your idea to better suit your talents.

*Stop focusing on the negatives

Thinking and speaking positively really does turn your world into a positive one. A positive person sees possibilities. A negative person sees obstacles. If someone compliments you, say 'thank you'. If something goes well, enjoy it. Don't think the worst; think the best - and more often than not the best is what you'll receive.

*Stop keeping busy for the sake of being busy

It's good to occupy your time with constructive activities. But when you need to keep busy for the sake of being busy, you've strayed into obsessive behaviour. Why do you need to keep busy - what are you hiding from? The answer often is that you're hiding from your own troubling thoughts and feelings. Stop for a minute. Have a quiet moment. You can't run away from your feelings forever. You need to face them to free yourself from them. Begin this yourself then ask others for help if you need them.

*Stop regretting the past

What is done is done - and you can't change it. You waste energy and become bitter if you dwell on the past - it's harmful. But you can change your future. So make your apologies, make amends with words and actions. Ask for forgiveness and show you are sincere by changing your actions forever for the better. Move forward having learned from the past and ready to create a new, positive future.


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