6 Signs You Have a True Friend

Not everyone you meet is destined to play an important role in your life. Some connections are season and reason related. Occasionally though, you may cross paths with someone who is loyal and loving, and in your life for the duration.

True Friendship

You and this person will develop a strong bond and a friendship that lasts the test of time.

True friendships are about quality, not quantity. If you’re lucky, you may have one or two true friends in your entire lifetime. Being able to distinguish which friendships are genuine, and potentially lasting, will help you build unbreakable bonds that are worth treasuring.

True Friends Have Integrity

A true friend is someone who always keeps their word and delivers with thoughtful action. This person values and cherishes your friendship and will do whatever it takes to show you that they have real integrity. This person is honest, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and dependable. And they expect you to be the same in return.

They Make Time For You

People who make excuses and rarely make themselves available to you know nothing about true friendship. A true friend always has your name at the top of their priority list. Whether you’re getting together for a night on the town, or you need some support and advice, this person always makes the time to ensure that you get what you need from the friendship.

They Give You Permission To Be Yourself

A true friend loves, accepts and respects you just the way that you are. You never have to prove yourself. They don’t control or manipulate you, or pick faults and criticise your weaknesses. In their company you always feel comfortable and safe, and able to reveal your true self. This person has seen you on your good days and on your down days, and is always there to remind you how awesome you are.

You’re Comfortable Sharing Secrets

Not everyone feels comfortable sharing personal information with just anyone. Some people greatly value discretion and privacy. To become a confidante, a true friend must prove that they are loyal and trustworthy. Once they pass the test, you will feel that you can tell them anything. Your true friend will never judge you, and will always keep your secrets. They’ll also reciprocate by sharing their own private stuff with you.

They Stick With You

Some friends that you thought were true often reveal that they’re actually fair-weather friends. These people only want to hang around with you when you are happy, lucky or successful. A true friend will laugh with you, but they will also cry with you. This person will help you pick up the pieces when your relationship crumbles or you lose your job. A genuine true friend will be there for you no matter what.

They Make You A Better Person

Spending time around someone who is loving, loyal and honest is bound to have a positive impact on you. A true friend will always bring out the best in you, and make you a better person. You’ll complement each other and enhance each other’s lives. You’ll also begin to shift your perspective and outlook on life, so that all of your experiences reflect your genuine connection with this special person. When you have one true friend by your side you’ll feel inspired to live life with meaning and purpose.


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