7 Signs Spirit is communicating with you

Do you always dismiss strange experiences or coincidences as nothing more than chance occurrences? If so, you might be missing out on messages from the spirit world!

Signs Of Spirit

Look Out For These Messages From Angelic Or Spiritual Sources

Do you always dismiss strange experiences or coincidences as nothing more than chance occurrences? If so, you might be missing out on messages from the spirit world! Angelic presences are always around you waiting to help you out. Just ask for their help, then look out for the reply.

For instance, if you have a difficult decision to make, you can ask an angel, or your spirit guide: 'would it be for my higher good to take this job, or to move to this new area?' If you receive a positive sign, this could be a message from Spirit encouraging you to take this new opportunity.

What If The Answer Is "No"?

Angelic presences operate on very high, positive vibrations so if the answer to your question is a 'yes', then you may see a positive sign. But if the answer to your question is 'no', then you will not see any sign (as oppose to seeing something negative). However, your own intuition may warn you against a particular course of action. If you feel 'off' or unnerved by a situation - go with your gut and avoid it.

Signs From Spirit

Listen to your intuition and follow the signs from Spirit. Here are some common signs angelic presences might use to communicate a positive response to you.

1) Metal Objects

Your eyes are naturally attracted to small, shiny objects glinting in the sunshine, so Spirit may use coins, jewellery or metallic objects to attract your attention. If you've asked for advice, then see a small, shiny object take this as a positive affirmation from spirit. These objects especially relate to abundance, so are pertinent for career or money questions, as well as emotional matters. If the object you find could be of monetary or emotional value to somebody, make sure you hand it over to the appropriate authorities. Keeping somebody else's valuables would not be good karma!

2) Butterflies & Bees

The natural world is a prime place to spot an angelic symbol. Beautiful butterflies and bees are entwined with supporting the earth's eco-system - so are perfect angel signs. If you notice a butterfly fluttering or bee buzzing near you, this might be a positive sign, especially if the creature lands near you or on you.

3) Sweet Scents

Angels often make their presence felt through delicious fragrances wafting in the air, most often floral scents. So if you catch the sweet scent of flowers when you don't expect to - there's your sign. Scents could also be comforting, for instance the perfume your loved one wears, or the scent of your favourite food.

4) In The Sky

What could be more heavenly than a sign in the sky? So if you notice a rainbow or see an angelic shape in the clouds after you've asked for advice, you could be receiving a sign from Spirit. Sudden changes in weather, just after you've asked, such as from cloudy to sunny, or a sudden shower of cooling rain, are also symbols.

5) Animal Spirits

Animals are pure forces of nature, an idea vessel for a Spirit message. If you spot an animal crossing your path soon after a question to Spirit, you can take this as a positive sign. Animals especially pertinent to Spirit messages are foxes, cats, hares, deer, or snakes. Birds are also very frequently used as Spirit signs, especially owls, doves and eagles.

6) Written Signs

Spirit will try to make your sign as clear as possible for you. What could be more obvious that a great big road sign or billboard?! If your attention is drawn by a road sign or advertisement soon after you as Spirit for advice, don't ignore it - that's you message!

7) Feathers

Perhaps the most often found sign from angels is a single white feather found directly in your path, when you are out walking. This is a clear sign from Spirit that you are being listened to, supported and are on the right path.


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