How To Manage The Waiting Period

Emotional healing requires time, space and patience, and is a unique experience for everyone who goes through the process.

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How To Manage Your Healing Process

Emotional healing requires time, space and patience, and is a unique experience for everyone who goes through the process. Whether you are healing from the pain of divorce, separation or betrayal, or are on a journey of spiritual transformation, you will undoubtedly experience periods of waiting that can feel empty and uncomfortable, and oftentimes almost intolerable. Knowing how to manage this void can help you accept the necessary situation.

Acceptance And Surrender

The void that loss or spiritual growth creates can drive you to look for ways to fill up that space with almost anything or anyone. The more that you resist the void of the unknown, the more that the pain and suffering that you are experiencing persists. In order to release the hurts you must surrender and accept that the waiting period is a gift for your soul’s growth.

Resisting the inevitable is simply delaying your progress. If you accept that everything happens for a reason you will gradually begin to see and sense the bigger picture. In order for you to be aligned with the people, situations and experiences that match your spiritual vibration and frequency, all that no longer serves you must be removed. Although it’s difficult and painful, once you accept that you have outgrown the relationship/friendship/job or other experience, surrendering to the void becomes much easier.

Stepping Into The Void

The void, or waiting period, gives you the space that you need in order to find clarity. When you have no control over outcomes, waiting for answers or resolution can be hugely challenging. Time passes in slow motion, and you feel like you are missing out on life. Yet the void is the space that you need to be in at this time. Without the intensified feelings that you will experience whilst waiting to feel better, or for a situation to improve, it’s not possible to reach as deep inside as you need to.

The answers that you seek do not exist outside yourself. They are buried inside, and the void is the key to opening the door to your treasure. The waiting period often feels like a vast empty space that is suffocating you. If you choose to shift your perspective it can become an expansive area where you can discover who you really are. Your feelings are a natural response to what you are presently experiencing. The only way to get through the pain of waiting for life transformation is to embrace it and to be open to change.

As Long As It Takes

Spiritual growth is an inevitable personal experience that is different for everyone. Some people work through life lessons and spiritual cleansing at a faster pace than others. With each growth spurt you will experience a shift in your inner world and outer reality. However, this process takes as long as it takes.

There’s not much point asking “How long will I be waiting?”. As you begin the journey of self-healing and recovery you will gradually remove layers of emotional pain, and reveal more and more of your authentic self. The waiting period gives you the space that you need in order to really get to know yourself. Without this deep understanding it’s not possible to live the life of your dreams. If the void did not exist, the reality would simply be that you would repeat the same painful lessons over and over and over again.

Waiting is rather like a period of convalescence. It can be as uncomfortable or as peaceful as you expect it to be. Let go of the need to break free of the void and learn to embrace it. Waiting presents you with the gift of restoration, so that you can emerge as your true self.


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