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With the glitz and glamour of the festive party season approaching, your thoughts are probably turning to love and romance. This most magical time of year is the ideal season to find a new love, or to cosy up with a long-term partner.

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Discover your astrological love match!

With the glitz and glamour of the festive party season approaching, your thoughts are probably turning to love and romance. This most magical time of year is the ideal season to find a new love, or to cosy up with a long-term partner. So perhaps you'd like find out exactly how suited you are to your new love interest? With the wonder of astrology, you can take a peek into the character of your beloved to find out what makes them happy. You can gain insight into how to have a harmonious relationship, and discover if there are any star signs you should never date.


March 21 - April 19
Fiery Aries needs an equally feisty companion for the adventurous lifestyle he/she adores. So fellow fire sign, free-spirited Sagittarius could be your perfect match. Leo might also be a sizzling pairing, if your equally large egos don't clash! Air signs, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini will keep your brain active and your spirits high.


April 20 - May 20
You prefer a steady, reliable partner - surprises are just not your thing. So fellow earth signs Virgo or Capricorn will understand your need for a quiet, comfortable life. It's difficult for prospective partners to break through your emotional defences at first as you tend to be quite guarded. But you'll automatically warm to water signs Pisces and Cancer, who will bring out your softer side.


May 21 - June 20
You are a natural flirt who enjoys the thrill of the chase in love. You need your partner to keep you on your toes for you to stay interested. So the quick wit and easy chatter of fellow air signs Libra or Aquarius will make you feel comfortable and mentally stimulated. Fire signs Sagittarius, Leo or Aries will excite your with their spontaneous nature.


June 21 - July 22
Shy and sensitive, you prefer to meet a partner through friends or family, rather than go on lots of dates with strangers. Earth signs, such as Virgo and Capricorn are on your wavelength and will help you feel safe and secure. You also feel understood by fellow water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, as they are sensitive and emotional, just like you.


July 23 - August 22
Leos are exuberant lovers, who just have to be the centre of attention! Fellow fire signs Sagittarius and Aries can match you passion. But you may be too combustible a pairing and eventually clash. Leo matched with Aquarius can be a true meeting of minds. Light and airy but sophisticated Libra or Gemini could be a good choice for you, too.


August 23- September 22
You are cautious with an independent streak - so you are never desperate to embark on a relationship. But steady Capricorn might be your perfect match, you complement each other wonderfully. Taurus is another good choice, helping you to unlock your sensual side. A dalliance with Aquarius may help you release your emotions, which can often be locked up tight with Virgo.


September 23 - October 22
You need a love match to fuel your clever mind and one who can appreciate your keen love of all things cultured and beautiful, from art to personal style. Aquarius, Sagittarius or Gemini could fit the bill for you. Dynamic Leo also has the wow-factor for you as you unite over a love of life's little luxuries.


October 23 - November 21
Dramatic and intense, you need a partner who can match your strong love emotions. Cancer and Pisces will be more than happy to let you dive into their hidden depths of emotion. It takes you a long time to fully trust a new partner, but when you do your passion is legendary. Trustworthy Taurus is ideal for you, as once you awaken the bull he can easily match your passionate nature.


November 22 - December 21
An adventurer at heart, the bold and vibrant personalities of fellow fire signs Leo or Aries suit you, romantically. But as a generally affable, sociable person many signs of the zodiac will click with you, so you'll be spoilt for choice! Your best matches include Libra, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn.


December 22 – January 19
You are a traditionalist at heart so you crave a committed, serious love connection. You would rather be alone than be with someone for the sake of being in a relationship. Good for you! That makes equally dedicated Virgo your love match. You also suit Cancer, or Aquarius. Fire signs, Sagittarius or Aries can add some spark to your calm nature.


January 20 - February 18
You are a freedom-loving free thinker who love matches with many signs of the zodiac. You have romantic potential with almost everyone, from airy Libra or Gemini to earthy Virgo or Capricorn to fiery Leo. But you are most likely to surprise everyone by choosing a romantic partner nobody could have predicted.


February 19 - March 20
You drift along in your own mysterious way, meaning it can be tricky for potential partners to work you out. Earthy Virgo will anchor you and provide the stability you need. Or caring Cancer will look after you and create a much-longed for home for the two of you. You may feel an intense attraction to sexy Scorpio and this match can work if you are both willing to compromise.


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