Angelic Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

When the Angels want to communicate there are a number of ways in which they try to get your attention. Your Guardian Angel, and other angels, may want to warn you about something!


Are You Listening To Your Angels?

Angels patiently await your request and communicate with you in unique ways. Signs, symbols and other quirky methods of communication are the preference of the angelic realm, when it comes to conveying their message of assistance. By paying careful attention to how things unfold, and synchronistic events in your life, you’ll quickly be able to tune into what your Guardian Angel is trying to tell you.

When the Angels want to communicate there are a number of ways in which they try to get your attention. Your Guardian Angel, and other angels, may want to warn you about something important, or to remind you about something, and will often use any, or all, of the following angelic signs:

Ringing In The Ears

Ringing sounds in the ears is a common, and sometimes annoying, way in which angels try to get your attention. The tone, pitch and pressure in the ears can be variable, with some people experiencing a ‘white noise’ type sound that lingers for some time. The longer the ringing goes on for, the longer it is taking the angels to get you to notice! This form of angelic communication is a sign of reassurance that let’s you know that your angelic guardians are always present.

Angels can place a protective bubble of love around you and your family, to keep you safe. When you feel insecure, alone or scared you can call on them at any time. Ask for their help and guidance, and listen out for the ear ringing confirmation sign.

White Feathers

One of the most common signs of angelic presence is the white feather. Finding a random feather in a place that you wouldn’t expect to find one in provides a sign of reassurance. Your angels are letting you know that they have received your request of help, and it is time for you to let go of worry or concern. Every time you find a white feather you will also feel the loving presence of your angels around you. Allow them to help you by being open to receive their guidance and blessings. Let them show you the next step to take.

The Number 11

Seeing repetitive numbers is alerting you to pay attention. The number 11, in particular, is associated with the angelic realms and is a wake-up message for you. This communication is telling you to be mindful and to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and words. Whenever you see the number 11 appear accept that your angels are close by helping to direct you to the right people, places and opportunities.

Solar Plexus Twinges

Many people experience unusual sensations and twinges in the solar plexus chakra, but choose to ignore this. This tingling feeling is an angelic sign that has been sent by your Guardian Angel to warn you that something is not quite right. Your solar plexus chakra (located a few inches above your belly button) is energy sensitive and is rather like an in-built warning system. Whenever you choose to ignore your own gut feelings or intuition, your angels will twang this sensitive energy centre, causing a tightening sensation, butterflies or the feeling of nausea, so that you take notice of what is going on around you. If you have ever felt queasy around a certain person, but don’t know why this happens, trust that it is your angel’s way of telling you to steer clear of this person.

Strengthening Your Connection

The more you pay attention to your Guardian Angel’s signs, the stronger your own intuition will become. You will be able to ask for angelic guidance with confidence, whenever you need help, support or clarity. Before too long you will have developed a two-way communication flow that delivers a response in a way that is meaningful to you. Your Guardian Angel, and the angels that are always around you, will also give you signs to show they are constantly by your side. Becoming more open to these angelic signs will also create more peace in your life. Whenever you request angelic assistance you will feel their loving presence around you.

Additional Resources

If you want to fine tune your angelic communication skills there are many resources available to help you to connect on a deeper spiritual level. Books about angel communication, angel cards, crystals and other psychic and spiritual healing tools will help you to further explore your unique angelic connection. Be open to exploring magical ways in which you can work with your angels every day. You will soon discover that the signs and symbols that you regularly receive are a new spiritual language that you can easily interpret and understand.

To find out about other ways in which you can connect to your angels, call one of our Mediums today!


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