7 Signs to Spot a Toxic Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Except when that friend is toxic! Friends should be the people who lift your spirits.

A Toxic Friend

Free Yourself From People Who Are Dragging You Down

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Except when that friend is toxic! Friends should be the people who lift your spirits. Friends are there to offer you advice and support. Your friends will see you through the good times and the bad - and you will do the same for them. Right?

But what if one of your friends doesn't have your best interests at heart? Friendships can become toxic over time, or they can be toxic from the start. For example, you might feel a sense of loyalty to an old friend, when in fact this person has become a negative influence. Or perhaps you've made a new friend who seems fun but is actually using you. Toxic friends will drain you of energy, drag you down and might even ruin your life. It's not necessarily that they are bad people (though they can be) instead they are making negative or selfish decisions which impact you as their friend. Or it could be that your personalities are not a good combination.

Whatever the case toxic friends are bad news, so free yourself from these friendships and move on to a happier life. Here's how to recognise the signs your friendship could be toxic.

1) Your Friend Is Manipulative

Friendship is fun. Friendship is supportive. Friendship is not about playing manipulative mind games! So if your friend is setting you against other people, perhaps by passing on gossip or telling you something to make you feel insecure - they are toxic. Psychological games, such as complimenting you one moment then criticising you the next, have no place in a healthy friendship.

2) Your Friend Is Always Right

A friend with a superiority complex is bad news. A friend who thinks s/he is always right does not value your opinion - or even want to hear what you have to say. Your friend is always perfect and everybody else is always wrong. A healthy friendship is about exchanging opinions and views. You learn good things from your friends and they learn good things from you. If your friend expects you to agree with everything they say or do - the friendship is toxic!

3) Your Friend Is Demanding

Give and take are part of a friendship. But if your friend is always taking and never giving, then you should consider whether the friendship is worthwhile. Are you always the one to rush out to she her/him, when s/he never bothers to visit you? Do you always have to do stuff s/he enjoys and seldom what you want to do? Of so, your friend is a user - and you can do better than that! Also, if your friend puts pressure on you to act in ways you are not comfortable with, s/he is toxic.

4) Your Friend Makes You Feel Drained

After meeting up with a friend you should feel happier and uplifted. But the opposite is true for a toxic friend. Toxic people will sap your energy and leave you feeling tired and low. This is because toxics demand attention and pile the emotional pressure on you. Toxics will never listen to your problems but will expect you to be on call 24/7. If you have a friend who always leaves you drained of energy - perhaps it's time to say goodbye to them?

5) Your Friend Is Passive Aggressive

Do you have a friend who is always cracking jokes? He/she is really funny person, right? Except you often find yourself as the punchline in your friend's jokes. In some friendships jokes are a normal part of communication. But too much joking at your expense is a thin disguise for your friend's passive aggression towards you. Humour is a way to put you down without giving you the opportunity to answer back. Ditch this toxic friend as quickly as you can!

6) Your Friend Is Dominating

Friendships are often balanced out with one stronger personality and one more relaxed personality. This can be a good combination. But if the stronger personality tips the sales into becoming dominating - a toxic friendship begins. Toxic friends dominate conversations so everything is about them. If you are not being listened to by your friend, you can bet the friendship is toxic.

7) Your Friend Is A Drama Queen

Friends help each other through tough times, so there's bound to be some drama along the way. But if your friendship seems like a never ending rollercoaster of drama, it's time to jump off! Toxic friends will drag you into a world of constant drama, which will wear you out and get you into bad situations. Break free from your toxic drama queen friend straightaway!


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