Toxic Types You Should Stay Away From

There are several personality types that possess emotional vampire tendencies. Being around these people can be highly draining for you, particularly if you are sensitive and empathetic.

Stay Away From Toxic People

Toxic People You Should Avoid

There are several personality types that possess emotional vampire tendencies. Being around these people can be highly draining for you, particularly if you are sensitive and empathic. Some interactions with these people can help you learn important life lessons, whilst others are best avoided at all costs.

Whenever you encounter any of the following toxic types you have the freewill to decide how much time, and energy, you want to use up in their company.

The Martyr

People who have martyr traits like to make others feel responsible for everything bad or negative that happens to them. They have a poor-me attitude and countless stories about their bad luck and misfortunes. Manipulation is what the martyr is especially good at. This person will wear you down with their woeful tales and expect you to make everything better. If you have to spend time around this toxic type it's essential that you protect your energy so that you don't feel completely drained.

The Drama Queen

Drama Queens (and Kings) love nothing better than being the centre of attention, all of the time. They usually have no concept of boundaries and have a misguided perception that everything is theirs for the taking. These toxic types are experts at creating a major scene out of any minor situation. They drain the energy of anyone who gets caught up in their chaos. It's always a good idea to limit your contact with anyone who indulges in idle gossip, malicious talk and OTT behaviour.

The Narcissist

People with narcissistic tendencies only consider their own needs 100% of the time. They exist in their own reality, whilst feeding off the positive energy of people like you. The Narcissist knows how to manipulate any situation to their advantage. They are particularly dangerous to be around in a romantic relationship, because they put themselves up on the pedestal and expect you to do the worshipping. To avoid getting sucked into their games, you need to get wise to their scheming ways.

The Dictator

Toxic types who love to exercise their manipulation techniques, to take full control, can easily be described as dictators. This person usually has an overbearing personality, an obsessive nature and a closed mind. What they say goes, in any situation. As a bully, this person will readily tell you what’s good for you and will drain your energy dry by taking away your control. You will need to stand up for yourself in order to stop this person from overpowering you.

The Seducer

The Seducer is a nasty, manipulative toxic type that focuses all of their attention of anyone who has low self-esteem or is emotionally vulnerable. If you’re nursing a broken heart you can easily become the Seducer’s prey. This person uses their sweet talking charm to captivate you and put you under their spell. They will then highlight your flaws and imperfections and use you for their benefit. Once they have drained your energy they will quickly move on to the next victim. To avoid being seduced by their wily ways, it’s best to keep away from people who rely on using emotion and sex to get what they want.


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