How Old Is Your Soul?

Have you ever been told you're an old soul? Or perhaps you have the youthful zest for life of a new soul? Everyone on the planet is on a soul journey to evolve spiritually by learning and growing in qualities such as empathy, wisdom and kindness.

Old Soul

Find Out How Many Times You've Been Reincarnated

Have you ever been told you're an old soul? Or perhaps you have the youthful zest for life of a new soul? Everyone on the planet is on a soul journey to evolve spiritually by learning and growing in qualities such as empathy, wisdom and kindness.

You are on the karmic wheel of life, which turns in an eternal circle from birth to life to death to re-birth. This cycle of reincarnation is a belief held by most world religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Kabbalah, Rosicrucians, neo-Platonists, neo-Pagans and Wiccans. Your life is a journey of spiritual learning.

Why know your soul age?

Your soul age depends upon the number of times you have been reincarnated. Knowing your soul age can help you become more self aware, and show you the areas where you need to learn and grow. Each soul age has its benefits and drawbacks. But your ultimate goal is to advance through the soul ages to reach a state of enlightenment, where you can step off the wheel of life to exist in an eternal state of bliss. Sounds good!

Read the descriptions below and see which fits your personality.

1) New Souls

You have an innocent, naive approach to life because you are a brand new soul. Freshly incarnated, you are close to Spirit from whom you have just been born. You have a magical, magnetic presence. You draw people to you with your joyful, playful nature. Your wonder at the magnificence of the natural world is something older souls could learn from you. You prefer to be with groups of people you know well. You look to be part of alternative communities living on the fringe of society. You find the rules and regulations of mainstream society difficult to understand. You can be easily manipulated so stay true to yourself.

Characteristics: Joyful, excitable, lacks concentration, innocent

Your Life Lesson: Become grounded in your physical body.

2) Child Souls

You need order and stability to be the foundation of your life. You have traditional values and conservative beliefs. You struggle to understand the complexities of life and sometimes find its lack of order frightening. You are set in your views, usually needing the framework of a traditional religion to help you make sense of life. You accept tradition without question. You enjoy the routine of work and are industrious.

Characteristics: Traditionalist, strong moral views, hard worker

Your Life Lesson: Think for yourself. Question tradition.

3) Youthful Souls

You are opinionated with a strong will. You have plenty of ideas about how to change the world. You have the drive and ambition to advance humanity in technological ways. You crave material success, high social status and the finer things in life. You are attracted to beautiful objects and expensive status symbols. You are strongly independent and value your own space.

Characteristics: Creative, materialistic, ambitious, values freedom

Your Life Lesson: To innovate and create change. To discover material success does not bring happiness.

4) Mature Souls

Your soul has evolved from its more youthful phases and is undergoing the transition towards deeper spiritual meaning. But this transition can be tricky, meaning you sometimes feel nervous or anxious. You are growing in empathy and your views are no longer rigid, but flexible. You can see other points of view. You appreciate the value of different lifestyles and ways of thinking. You don't crave material success, you would rather gather knowledge. You want to build relationships and deep friendships with other people.

Characteristics: Curious, anxious, empathic, knowledgeable

Your Life Lesson: Have courage. Become more self aware.

5) Old Souls

Thoughtful and introspective, you have been incarnated many times before. You are comfortable being alone. You know that everything in life is connected and you can recognise the bigger picture. You dislike materialism and value a couple of very close relationships over lots of shallow friendships. You walk your own spiritual path. You value truth and knowledge. You seek to help others with no gain for yourself.

Characteristics: Spiritual, philosophical, altruistic

Life Lessons: To pass your wisdom onto younger souls. Live a life of service.

6) Enlightened Souls

Not many of these souls are present on earth. This soul is at the end of its journey. It has evolved through all the stages of existence and is ready to ascend into heaven. These souls may be spiritual teachers, but they are more likely to live quietly out of the limelight, yet bringing blessings and peace to everyone who encounters them.

Characteristics: Serene, joyful, never judges anyone

Life Lesson: To leave a bit of your enlightenment on earth


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