Mischievous Mercury This December!

What mercury's retrograde might bring for you and your Star Sign!

Mercury In December

Your Survival Guide For December's Mercury Retrograde

Are you ready for some festive mayhem? No, not the partying type! Confusion is set to reign this December because mercurial Mercury goes retrograde from the 3rd - 22nd of this month. When the planet of communication moves into its retrograde position in the heavens, life on Earth can become filled with miscommunications and misunderstandings.

But it's not all doom and gloom! Mercury retrograde is a time to press the pause button on your life as you reflect over the past twelve months. If you see Mercury energy as your friend rather than your foe, you can use it as a time of reflection to learn lessons from the past. So leave old thought patterns behind as you move forward in to new successes.

Mercury rules your mind, so working with its energy, instead of fearing it, can be transformative. This December's retrograde is given even more potency because it occurs at the same time as the Gemini Full Moon and finishes around the Winter Solstice. The Full Moon and the Solstice increase the intensity of Mercury's 'endings' energy. So the universe is pushing you to tie up lose ends and unfinished business as well as clearing out your mind's mental chatter.

Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips:

Follow these ideas to benefit rather than buckle under Mercury's energy.

* Re-think begin new projects. Mercury will confuse any new endeavours. Perhaps hold off until January with any big plans.

* Save important conversations until the New Year. Consider drastic career choices or make big relationship decisions in December.

* Be hyper-aware that communication misunderstandings and technology glitches may happen in December, so you can be ready to put them right.

* Reflect on the past year: what went well for you? What was not so good? How can you improve for next year?

* Clear your mind. You can stop the mental chatter by meditating. Take 15 minutes per day for this calming practice.

* Remember, this confusing period will pass. Then you can reap the rewards of your Mercury reflections by putting your thoughts into action.

Mercury Retrograde Star Signs:


As a person who values direct communication, Mercury retrograde can be an especially frustrating time for you. You might struggle to make yourself understood. Or you might misunderstand others. So make sure you get feedback at every stage of the proceedings so you can be sure all is correct.


Mercury retrograde makes you feel anxious because it illuminates your usually well-concealed vulnerabilities. So be kind to yourself over the next few weeks. If you feel like swapping a festive party or two for a cosy night at home - do it! Self-care will see you safely through the season.


You love to be whizzing around juggling a dozen tasks at once. But during Mercury retrograde one of those tasks might just come crashing down! So confine yourself to one action at a time. Think: slow and steady and you'll be fine.


Your crab sensitivity sensors will be working in overdrive thanks to Mercury. So even more than normal, you will feel like retreating into your shell and hiding from the world. For once, this might not be a bad plan - but don't isolate yourself completely. Keep trusted loved ones close.


Mercury will bring buried emotions and hidden feeling to the surface. So prepare yourself for impact. Don't try to ignore or dodge these feelings, as now is your chance to face them, deal with them and then leave them behind once and for all.


The great news for you is that nothing is as bad as you imagine! It's Mercury retrograde heightening a recent setback in your mind. In reality the setback is not a disaster. Turn to someone you trust to give you perspective on the situation.


Your tendency to want to people-please usually goes into overdrive during the festive season. So under a Mercury retrograde you are likely to be stretching yourself much too thinly. Realise that you cannot please everyone. Focus on the most important people in your life.


Long-standing confrontations bubble to the surface under Mercury retrograde. You want to set the record straight or sort out a situation once and for all. Getting resolution is a great idea, just take care not to be too argumentative and risk making the situation worse.


Past decisions are thrown into question under Mercury retrograde. Don't stress about it, too much, though. Sometimes there is no correct answer. Hold back with your natural honesty as people may misinterpret you, which could cause conflict.


Sapping your strength and curtailing your creativity - here comes Mercury retrograde! Don't bother trying to fight it. Instead take this time to hone your skills and get new perspective on your life goals. So in January you'll be ready for success.


To say this month is going to be a whirl of activity is putting it lightly! Mercury retrograde sees a multitude of dilemmas thrown your way. From decisions, to information to questions, which all need your answer. Where to start? Just keep calm, go slowly and you'll be fine.


Already a sensitive soul, Mercury retrograde leaves you feeling vulnerable and a tad paranoid. If you become aware that your sensitivity is heightened, you can keep the words and actions of others in perspective. Leave plenty of time between parties to rebuild your energy levels.


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