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I'm a Londoner who has a number of interests. From a young age I received so many important messages, through my dreams, which helped me avoid awful situations, at a time when I was going it "alone" in the world. At first, I used to think my dreams were nonsense, until my dreams, within weeks, would come true. At first, I was stoked, but after a while, became comfortable with how I received important messages. To this day, I take my dreams very seriously and would keep a means of writing down the information downloaded from my dreams, when I awake. I was first introduced to Tarot at around 20 years old and have consulted the cards ever since. I've had many readings where readers told me, I also had the gift. I used to say to myself, they don't always get it right. However, the readings always helped me to keep going. From telephone readings to in person readings, I knew, if I needed to get answers, I could, and as such, never felt that it was me against the world. When I first became attuned to Reiki, my Reiki master said it would be great to offer Reiki, alongside something else, for a business. At that stage in my life, I already had a running property business; however, spirituality was drawing me in. I felt I could do both and automatically decided, the additional service should be tarot reading. I bought my very first deck of cards and took my time, to become acquaint with them, and how I received messages. I then started to read for people I knew. The reaction of those I read for surprised me, when they asked, in shock, "how did you know that". You see, I would give them information about matters they had not shared with anyone; things they were planning; disappointments they were going through; news they were waiting to receive and such. Given the feedback I was receiving, I thought I would see, how I would be received, doing tarot card readings over the telephone for people I do not know. Let's just say, for the most part, it has been such a rewarding experience over the years, to be able to share my gift, helping others. The cards highlight the basis of the reading and I channel the rest. I am very grateful for my gift, especially given I know, readings keep people sane, in uncertain times.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The most rewarding aspect of giving psychic tarot card readings is sharing my gift, to shed light onto situations that clients may be in the dark about. With insight from readings my clients are able to move forward, avoiding pitfalls and happily overcoming hurdles in many areas of life. It's a bit like, being a private investigator for your clients.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Aquarians are renowned for being very friendly and treat everyone the same - that being loved-ones, associates, and strangers. My personal friends range from successful self-made millionaires to young people who I inspired to set up their own at home businesses, without first having a job. Aquarians love people and will always help them to be the best they can be. In this aspect, I am most definitely Aquarian with a big heart.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Around 17-18 years old, I became very aware I had a gift to foresee that which was coming into my life. I had regular dreams of which seemed ridiculous at the time, until the dreams played out in real life. My dreams, as a teenager, helped me avoid being in low-vibrational situations in my formative years, especially.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I read for a client who at the time wanted a general love reading. I uncovered quickly in her first reading, a complicated situation, involving her ex who had moved overseas to be with his ailing mother. The relationship, which she dearly hoped would be revived, was dead in the water, the cards revealed. All the questions she had connected to her ex were answered. However, from the first reading I told her that she is being asked by the Universe to focus on a project of which she started but is yet to complete. The project involved a service which is something desperately needed and not only that; she would become quickly recognised and honoured for it. The client was surprised I picked up on this, given she was so focussed on the relationship, which is where the time was spent for the most part of her reading. I also saw that there was a much better suitor who would be in her life soon, however this person would arrive, when she was busy working on her project. The client was not yet ready to close the door on the ex and every time she contacted me for a reading, the same information would come up in different ways. The client was inspired to continue building that which she started, for her first business and I was delighted when a few weeks later she contacted me for a reading, with delight, telling me how far she has come with the business and how she was surprised by the uptake from new clients. She confessed that I was the only person who saw that coming. That having been said, she was still focussed on the ex, who was overseas with his ailing mother. The ex, that was not paying any attention to her. Again, the cards asked her to focus on the project and reminded her of the 'Emperor', her new suitor, was on his way. I travelled and when I returned had urgent business issues to take care of and therefore, was not available to do telephone readings for some weeks. When I returned, my client contacted me overjoyed, because she wanted to tell me that during the Pandemic, she met the 'Emperor' that kept coming up in the cards. She confirmed how they met and then shared how they social distance date in the park and by the river. She wanted to say thank you for the readings that helped her to get where she was at that point. She said, at the time of getting the previous readings, she never believed her heart would love another. I described the sexy geeky Emperor, she would meet and yes, they are a perfect match. I am delighted to say that my client remained focussed to get her business up and running of which is doing really well, and she has met her life partner. This is one of many memorable experiences I have had giving a client readings.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

In addition to my psychic tarot reading skills, I am a Reiki Master and Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, certified by Dr Joe Vitalie of The Secret. Before setting up my first business, I worked alongside Directors & Partners of major corporate firms in the city & west end of London. I only mention this given my experience comes in helpful for work, career, and business readings.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing for anyone to consider when deciding to have a psychic tarot reading from Alice, is to be open to receive the messages channelled from Universe, for your greatest and highest good, connected to the area of life you enquire about. Alice cares deeply for all those she reads for and prides herself on sharing all the information she received upon the client’s behalf. Knowledge is power and Alice will tell you the truth of the matter and not a fantasy. For she knows knowledge gained from readings, can give you the edge on situations you face in life.


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What our customers say about Alice

Alice is absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for the most beautiful and amazing reading! You picked up on everything without asking any questions! The detail and the depth really blew me away. Thank you so much, I loved it :)

- Cristina

26th September 2022

Beautiful, uplifting voice and spirit. Very grounding reading. Super honest. Thank you Alice

- R

25th September 2022

Such a calming tone and beautiful vibrations. A lovely honest reading with clear validations. Such a lovely soul and thank you for compassion and kindness with honesty and truth throughout.

- R

15th August 2022

I was having such a lovely reading with Alice this morning but unfortunately I ran out of minutes. Made a note of what you said so I’ll connect with you again when your predictions start unfolding. Thank you so much and take care xxx

- Anon

15th August 2022

Lovely, soothing middle of the night reading from Alice. Sensible, wise advice & the reading spoke very much to my situation.

- Kate

11th August 2022

25th July - Thank you Alice for all your patience answering all my questions with my complex situation. You are so lovely and very gifted. Lov Sammy xxx

- Anon

25th July 2022

Thank you for another lovely reading, Alice. I had forgotten we had spoken previously and just listened to that older reading too. Both times, you connected perfectly and gave loads of validations, as well as realistic predictions, which I appreciate 🙏🏼Much Love xxxxxxx G

- G

16th July 2022

Oh my word. So calm clear and soothing. So much clarity. Thank you.x

- Gill

10th July 2022

Awesome I haven't got words to say how great this reader is.. spot on.. love you and your vibe.. truly uplifted.

- Anon

13th April 2022

Had a lovely reading with Alice this evening, thank you. Alice is very gifted and 100% spot on with my situation. Very fast and straight to the point and very uplifting. I will call again as I enjoyed my reading with Alice. She is non judgmental, caring and I could feel her healing energy. This lady is a true Psychic and a credit to Psychic sofa. xxx

- D

3rd April 2022

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