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Hello, my name is Angie Angel. I love to help others through my connection. it's lovely to connect others to this energy to help them understand their journey here on this earth plane. I'm deeply sensitive to animals and nature, and spend a lot of time meditating. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What I love most is empowering, people through the cards, bringing a sense of peace to situation. It's lovely when love cards comes up in the reading. for example  Ace of  Cups and the sun card. The joy of the cards link mean love is in the air and you can be happy that it is the cards are fantastic when needing advice or positive encouragement 

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I love been a Capricorn as were always climbing to get to the top of the hill we feel better in green pastures were loving and loyal wise passionate but  not easily fooled we talk a lot of sense 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was first aware as a child, I had many spirit guides at the age 4 plus, I can remember them, an some are still my guide to day. Im very sensitive and full of love and compassion I see rainbow in my eyes when sun come close and conversation with divine source is humbling. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have many qualification in holistic therapies and also diploma in Spiritual Healing and a BA Hons in social studies 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To be clear on what it is you like to know, don't hold back, let the real reason come to the front. when conducting the cards for advice so you get the best and most detailed reading on what it is your like to know. 


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What our customers say about AngieAngel

Thank you for such a lovely reading today, you tuned into things exactly as they are, this all made so much sense to me and gave me the confirmation I needed, you are very gentle and kind too, I thoroughly enjoyed my reading

- Tracey

8th August 2021

Thank you for an insightful reading, it helped so much. Very lovely lady and gifted reader. We got cut off, but will definitely call you again. Sarah 16/06/21

- Sarah

16th June 2021

Lovely reading thank you .

- claire

20th December 2020

Angie Angel you are amazing, your reading gave me hope and clarity through a really murky period on my life. You were uplifting and channelled a great affirmation which I believe has changed my attitude and has led me to a more positive way of thinking and being. Thank you so much x

- Cheryl

4th December 2020

Thank you soo soo much! You are absolutely amazing and completely spot on! Thank you for the healing and all the beautiful cards. You have restored my faith and made me see the light again! Thank you, sorry my minutes ran out. Take care lovely x x x

- Cristina

7th November 2020

Thanks Angie. You helped me a lot. I will be back.

- Ayse

21st October 2020

Angie-Angel Rocks! No question about it. Just had a reading, feeling a little lifeless, she has brought me back to reality again. My reading was absolutely marvellous. She touched based on literally everything. She really touched my soul and for a reader to do so, (doesn’t happen often) she is pure energy from the divine! Angie is humble and so down to earth. Bless you Darling, I needed your insight tonight and you have really inspired me! I will be phoning again. I wish you so much love and happiness Sarah x

- Sarah

18th October 2020

What a beautiful reader!!! I feel so at peace and happy! I had such a lovely time talking with you. I really feel blessed we connected! Thank you

- F

22nd February 2020

You’re amazing. You have no idea how accurate you was. I mean I didn’t let you know one bit yet the flow of this reading was beyond real! Thank you Angie Angels From the bottom of my heart. You are truly gifted. I know by leaving this feedback I may not get through to you again but i had with you most accurate reading to date. You are stunning reader. Lots of love xxx ps. If you read me- get yourself a pen and paper, pick up the phone and dial this lady’s PIN number because she is worth every penny. All your notes will make sense at some point ‘in the future’ 02.2020

- Magdalena

7th February 2020

A very one of a kind reading. She stunned me. She picked up on so many things, left feeling wow and speechless after my reading. I could of spoke to her for hours and hours, she definitely wakes you up. The information just flows and flows. She has a very powerful gift within... bless you. Thank You x

- Sarah

21st January 2020

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