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For the majority of my life, I felt that I didn’t really “fit” in. I got good grades, followed a “successful” career within corporate finance and by my mid- twenties, I thought I had it all. The truth was that I didn’t have it all, and I didn’t know what happiness was until my life came crashing down beneath me. I felt I had lost everything. I had lost who I thought I was. But it was also in this moment that I found who I truly could be too. Exhausted and feeling there has to be more to life, the next chapter of my life became a self-discovery of finding the authentic me. And so I became obsessed with finding out who and what I am here to do. I found the help I needed through Spiritual readers, Energy healers and Coaches. The support that this combination provides can be so transformational to reach the higher version of you, that I too was drawn to follow on this path. My self-discovery opened up doors that I previously didn’t believe were available to me. I worked with my belief system to step up to a higher version of me, rediscovered my passion for life and learnt how to listen to my energy, and the inner knowing that has always been within me. I re-created a more purposeful life, aligned to my higher self. I found a life based on my love of connecting with who I am through Yoga, Dance and Energy. Working with spirit, and Reiki helps me to connect on a much deeper level. And I just love the feeling I get of working on this energetic level and helping others to feel the same. The challenges in my life fuelled my mission, to personally inspire and support others to create meaningful lives, to find presence in their lives, so that as human beings, we can stop beating ourselves up, and see that we are enough. I love helping people create their life full of freedom, whether that be working with you to create your dream business, or to help you set yourself free. We all have this amazing energy to give, and I love finding the inner goddess within every one of you, and to see YOU SPARKLE!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

We all have the resources deep with us to be the person that we truly wish to be. It's just sometimes we need to release those blockers that prevent us from seeing who or what we truly can be and do. I love being able to tap into someone else's energy, and provide the guidance or the blockers that they need to release in order to move forwards. Sometimes we end up re-living the same chapter in our lives until we finally learn the lessons that we are meant to learn, and raising a client's awareness of that lesson that they must learn can be just what they need to hear in order to get to the next chapter. How amazing is it to be a part of someone else's journey for them to get to the next chapter?!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I'm practical, down to earth and work from my heart. Very much like the Bull, I am stubborn, but I like to see this as my commitment and resilience to achieve my goals. And like a traditional Taurean, I too have struggled with the emotional challenges of letting go, people pleasing and feelings of guilt.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Throughout my childhood, I felt spiritual presence and experienced spiritual dreams, but being brought up as a Catholic I often pushed these away. During my Corporate years, when I felt disconnected with my life path; I sought spiritual guidance and healing. As I started opening up, I started to experience sudden feelings of a spiritual presence. I received mentorship to understand and work with my gifts which at first was to help myself through this transition. Working with Tarot Cards were a great way to develop my gifts at a pace that felt safe for me. Over this period, a number of energic changes happened for me, which I now know was to help me appreciate what this energy feels like when it is not in alignment, so that I may help my clients too.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

At the beginning of the reading, I felt my client was so overwhelmed and anxious. Through feeling her energy through my past experiences and communication with spirit, I was able to offer advice and guidance to help this lady shift this uncomfortable energy and find inner calm, which encouraged her to move forward and to start enjoying her life again.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I'm a Holistic Business Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner. These therapies and skills alongside my Corporate background/ living in a body stuck in lacking beliefs come together so that I connect with the clients energy more easily. I am often drawn to chakras or parts of the body where emotions are held, which helps me to identify areas of the person that need healing. Personal development is very important to me, and so I am currently expanding my gift working with spirit through mediumship through participating in Spiritual Circles.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It is important when having a reading that you have an open mind, the cards never lie! Sometime we need to face the truth, remember that you are on a spiritual journey and let go of attachments, however hard that may be or feel so you can follow on your true path.

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What our customers say about Sinéad

Thank you so much Sinead for my beautiful reading I had today, Sinead is very gifted, straight away picked up very accurately the situation, she is very fast, a very kind calm lovely reader and very gentle, I felt so much better after speaking to her, her predictions are the same as other top readers here, everything she said made total sense to me, she is very wise and knows what she is talking about, highly recommend having a reading with her, she is going to be hard to get , another lovely reader we have been lucky to have on sofa, lots of love and hugs julie :-) xx

- julie

22nd August 2022

Lovely lady, picked up on questions really quickly. Would happily use again.

- Anon

20th August 2022

Just had a reading with this lovely lady. She was stop on without everything she Said. You will not be disappointed give her a try. Thank you xxx

- Susan

15th August 2022

I had such an incredibly uplifting reading with Sinead today that I extended. I wouldn't normally be drawn to a brand new reader, but it was definitely the right choice. I love the way she expresses what she receives from spirit, including a great deal of helpful detail. Her predictions are positive, yet realistic. There are very good things coming my way that will be worth the short wait. Best of all, Sinead is a pleasure to talk with because she listens properly, in an empathic and supportive way. She turned a sad day into a much better one.

- Margaret

25th July 2022

Sinéad is soo amazing! Just had the most beautiful reading with her. Everything she said was spot on without me having said anything. Thank you so much, I really love the way you read. I can't wait for everything that's to come. Take care lovely :)

- Cristina

27th May 2022

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