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I have been clairvoyant, clairaudience and also Claircognizance and medium for as long as I can remember I can see hear and feel everything I have been giving readings for around 15years now and I pride myself in working for spirit having such a gift my clients are my upmost priority at all times. I believe we have purpose and my passion for life is to inspire others to recognise their path and see them through not just good but challenging times as well, I give straight talking to the point readings in all areas

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

As a reader my clients are my upmost priority at all times with both their spiritual and emotional wellbeing It is I feel in my natural nature to nurture, to guide, to have compassion for and show my clients no matter what the situation nor circumstance may be around them there is always a positive outcome and sometimes this may just mean a change in perspective is what is needed. My goal and aim as a spiritual advisor is at all times is to serve my client to the very best of my ability, making sure that once the reading has ended all my clients are left with not just hope and a new found sense of self but also inspiration and a knowing that I have given my client the tools needed and showed them others ways to put them on the right path on their journey in this life. Nothing makes me feel more at one and a knowing I am on the right journey myself then when my clients come back to me with updates

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As I am the sign of cancer I do feel I live up to the star sign in many ways, I am naturally caring and compassionate. I have a good sense of self and knowledge and other people are and have always been my upmost priority. I’m happy when you’re happy so to speak and if you’re not then I will always go out of my way to change that as I also have very strong determination as well

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I remember being aware of my gift from a young child and seeing the spirit of a lady in my bedroom sat in a rocking chair with a knitted quilt over her knees whom I would talk to for many hours. I was very young around the age of four and this lady happened to be our next door neighbour but even as a child I knew something was very different about me and that only I could see and talk to her in my house. Then one night I heard my mum telling my dad I was speaking to Mrs Kirkham in my room again my dad said to my mum but she died after a month of us moving in, they called her my imaginary friend but too this day I still see Mrs Kirkham following that as I grew up I developed an instant knowing of things. I’d know peoples conversations what had happened to them but was also able to see clearly what was coming for them

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are so many experiences but I think the one I will share with you is the one that was my motivator to come out about my gift to my home town. I come from a very small town well back then it was a village and everyone knew everyone and with that everyone knew everyone’s business as well if you know what I mean ha ha … in our village there was a man, his name was frank but we all called him whistler as he would always whistle he was known as a homeless man yet he did have family in the town but they didn’t bother with him and he would sit outside the local shop everyday just doing no harm but talking to people. Frank was in a bad way, no home, no food, never any money. I was walking past frank one afternoon as I’d walked past him hundreds of times before ..when I got a very strong urge that I had to go and talk to him, we chatted about everyday things really and I just spurted out you’ll be ok frank she’s looking out for you. He looked at me with a have I lost the plot look ha ha and I walked away thinking where on earth did that come from but I knew frank was going to be just fine even if he’d lived on the streets for many years. A few months later I went past the shop were frank would normally be and no frank, time went on, weeks went by and I still could not see anything of frank now this man id grown up from being little knowing and seeing nearly every day. Finally I asked my family what had happened to him and as luck would have it the police had taken frank off the streets as a cousin of his had been trying to find him as his aunt had passed away and he was left quite a bit in her will. Frank returned to my home town about ten years ago, I didn’t recognise him at first he had changed so much he said to me when I did finally catch up with him… that morning he thought I had lost the plot but he said at that point he’d been feeling so low and had wanted to give up and with my words something told him no matter how crazy he thought I sounded he could feel something big was going to happen for him and it did. This would be my most memorable experience as it was that where I learned to trust my guides and go and follow through with the messages no matter how bizarre they might appear to me

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am clairvoyant, clairaudience and also Claircognizance and medium so I hear, see and feel and have a natural ability to just know the info given to me ..I am also a teacher in the laws of attraction and live by these laws myself in my day to day life, thoughts have power and like does attract like and you are what you think you are.. for what you think and focus on today is in fact what you create in your world tomorrow. I have seen many lives turned around and changed using these very laws and I am also here to show you how you also can use them in every aspect of your life to get the results you want no matter where you are at this moment in time and this teaching of the laws of attraction is one of my deepest passions, alongside my spiritual and psychic ability as they complement each other

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I feel it is important for the client to be as relaxed as possible and to be as relaxed with myself as if you were talking to a close friend or family member and to find a reader to whom they can have clear and undoubted connection with and to stay with that reader. It is also important to know that as a psychic, I can give you messages, I can tell you what may come in for and what is past and what I see is happening around you in the now but I cannot tell you what to do or tell you which path to choose, this is the clients freedom of choice however with my clients I will explore all avenues so to speak so you are able to go with what you feel is the best way ahead for you

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What our customers say about Hannah Marie

Please come online dear…really need your guidance xxx

- Anon

3rd February 2022

Hannah is very hard to get a hold of as she seems always busy but worth the wait knew everything about me and my situation she is so uplifting as well i will be back to update x,x

- julia

17th December 2021

Hi could you come back on such a great reader can’t get hold of you x

- Sarah

10th December 2021

Please come online soon Hannah.. x

- Tina

6th September 2021

All predictions have come to pass... truly remarkable and gifted thank you hannah x,x

- liz

11th November 2020

Exceptional gift. I will always return to you for a reading.. Always. You blew me away x

- Simz

18th June 2019

Hannah is the most great psychic and she really lives up to her having no tools ,she is exactly how a true psychic should be,she was spot on with everything and i really enjoyed speaking with her , her manor is so honest and she is so funny i felt so up lifted after my reading,she was recommended to me by my friend and i will deffo be calling her gain. thank you you really are a gifted lady x.x.x

- jo

17th June 2019

Without doubt, one of the best readers on Psychic Sofa. Messages just kept on flowing from Hannah and she delivered them with such clarity. To add to this, she gave great advice to help me through the process. It's good talking with her and she is so down to earth with a brilliant sense of humour. Highly recommended. Thank you Hannah. Kx

- Karen

1st June 2019

OUTSTANDING after so many bad and wrong readings over the years finally what an amazing reading reading from a obviously genuine psychic cheers you were out of this world xxxxxxxxxxx

- carol

31st May 2019

hannah marie is the real deal hannah i have never had such a reading you new things no one ever would know and you is such an uplifting person thank you LNL x.x.x

- lynn

3rd March 2019

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