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Trishie is honest and direct with her readings and connections and aims to give clarity to any given situations through her very individual readings. She can connect with the energy surrounding people and situations in your life, and connects with their thoughts and feelings which will help move you forward to greater understanding. Her skills are especially strong in relationships and connections around you. She can help find the answers you seek in situations where there is little movement and help give you confidence to bring about necessary changes in your life. She is a very empathetic reader who has many years experience, even at times being able to use her senses to feel how things can move forward for you. She has helped people through all walks of life and in addition to her psychic gift she has an instinctive understanding of peoples thoughts and feelings, through your choice if reading, through the skill of the tarot or psychic energy consultations, she also holds qualifications in NLP life coaching, integrated energy therapy and counselling. If you want a direct, honest approach to your reading with a very warm and caring lady then Trishie is the one to call. Love and light

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I highly recommend that people get a reading with Trishie - she tuned into my complex situation straight away & gave me valuable guidance on how to move forward as things have been 'stuck'. I will now be taking the steps required! Thank you, Trishie! xxx

- Anon

7th May 2023

Another concise , to the point reading with this gem! No fluff, she’s so quick with her validations which by the way always come to pass. A true life saver for me tbh, helped me so much through so many situations! Lots of love always 🫢🏾❀️πŸ₯°

- Anon

3rd May 2023

Trishie is like my second mom. Literally she’s a true blessing. When I’m upset she’s always the best at giving me advice and all of her predictions always come true. She’s a true gem! I’m really glad to have her to speak to! I’m so glad to have you πŸ’ŽπŸ«ΆπŸΎ

- Anon

21st April 2023

Thank you Trishie, for an absolute AMAZINGLY ACCURATE reading this early morning. First time I called you and will definitely add you to my favourites...M..x

- Anon

16th April 2023

Best reader I’ve ever encountered. Empathetic, honest and all of her predictions in the past 3 years have come to materialise apart from one which I absolutely believe will come to pass in time. Trishie is gold dust ✨ 🌟 🫢🏾

- Anon

12th April 2023

Best reader on this site. Straight to the point. No sugar coating. Direct with how she delivers information. Most of what Trishie has predicted has come true for me 🫢🏾🀲🏽

- L

12th April 2023

Best reader on this site, I absolutely love speaking to Trishie, she’s always so spot on. It’s like she is able to read my mind . She always spot on . Even in the most difficult of situations she really knows how to make you feel better. Prediction’s always on point πŸ«ΆπŸΎπŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ

- Anon

5th April 2023

Excellent reader, very quick and accurate in validations, no need to give any information, a genuine, lovely, kind reader. I will definitely call Trishie again

- Anon

29th March 2023

I enjoying to talk to the reader, calm, buddly. I saw a man I connection with. I has fallen in love with me and is having i 'wobble' and why he is quite. I feel is truth. I found it the reason....sadly he jailed....i wish to talk to the expect now...

- Kulvinder

23rd February 2023

Everything you have said has come true! I never thought that I would be able to get money together for my business it felt impossible. Didn’t make any sense that you said I would leave my job Becuse my business is going to thrive. In my mind I thought it would only thrive and I can only leave if a miracle happens and I get the money. I got the money ! Literally the luck I needed and now I can start my business and hopefully leave ! You were also right about the guy I was seeing was insecure and there’s no long term potential. Spot on! Your validations have always come true. Thank you Trishie for being the best xxx ❀️

- Anon

22nd February 2023

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