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Hi my name is Holly I have been providing helpful and intuitive readings for over 20 years using tarot and angel cards. I work sensitively and empathically to answer questions or give general readings and approach situations with a non-judgemental, discreet, honest and say it how I see it approach. I love to listen to all individual and personal scenarios and will do my very best to give you honest answers as I see in my cards I absolutely love my job because I feel I can be very easy going ,supportive and love to help people. As we go along life’s fantastic journey sometimes we laugh or cry along the way, but hopefully I can help you with the support and answers you need to get there.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I absolutely love being able to communicate with the client about their hopes and fears and give advice help and understanding through the tarot cards .I love it when a client turns round and has suddenly seen the light about a situation or finally knows which Decision to make or path to take from the cards .It makes me so happy to be able to help people understand what is actually going on in a situation and use this information to improve their inner self and choose the path that is right for them. At the time .I have seen the tarot cards help people to feel empowered and trust their inner self and improve their confidence after a reading that is one of the many things I don’t just like, but love about giving readings .

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a cancerian  and I am a typical moon child ( think this is why the tarot chose me ) I follow the different stages of the moon cycle throughout the Month and I am guilty at times of sitting and wallowing in an emotional state and eating chocolate towards the full moon :) I absolutely love the summer and if the suns shining I feel totally at home I love holidays abroad and summer days but on an evening I can sit, stare or dance under the moon for hours. (Especially a full one)  As I work empathically I am very much guided by my emotions but for us cancerians being perceptive and often correct in our gut feelings is another wonderful trait we possess. I love people and family and friends I live to socialise but some days I am really happy sitting at home in my shell entwined in a great love story or novel by a romantic author or researching things  about the universe with my lovely cat sat on my lap .I love being a cancerian the only downside ( as anyone who knows me well will tell you ) is that when I’m tired or upset or if  I saw someone being treated badly or someone I love is hurting is that my pincers come out and I can be snappy but thankfully this is few and far between and with a star sign like mine with so many good points I guess been protective and a little bit feisty at times there are many worse things in the world .

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was a child I used to become really freaked out because somehow I just used to know things that were going to happen .This is one of many examples.  I used to have a recurring dream when I was about 5 or 6 that used to wake me up screaming. I had a pair of scissors in my hand and I was chopping parts of my hand off in front of a crowd of people. Fast forward 15 years I had just qualified as a hairdresser and I was stood on a stage at a very important hairdressing competition and I had just managed to slice my finger with my scissors in front of a crowd of people and judges with blood everywhere. The weirdest memory and feeling came over me of the recurring dream I used to have when I was a child , which came back to me so clearly ,I had dreamt this happening years before I was actually very scared by this for a while .I had purchased tarot cards when I was still a teenager and given many successful readings to family and friends but then I decided to do more work on my psychic self and began to meditate using the cards and I then   began to make more spooky accurate predictions .I always knew I was different somehow I used to have experiences with my angels and spirit guides and apparently talked to them as a child . They have followed me into adult hood now and it’s always a great comfort when they guide me in my readings as well as my personal life :) 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had many lovely clients so it’s hard to pick one that is exceptional for me .The only lady that I can think of came to me obviously feeling in turmoil .Her relationship wasn’t going as she had hoped , her finances where slowly slipping out of control , She felt her relationship had broken down with her family and she was struggling with pressure from work and some of her friends where talking about her .As we  entered into our chat about the issues she was facing she disclosed to me all the details about her life that she wasn’t happy with . All around her I could see a light it was really hard to keep talking as I was overwhelmed by this beautiful aura behind her. As I did her angel cards she was encouraged by cards of support and love and the biggest of all was bravery .I then pulled out some tarot cards and these cards pulled out the 9 of cups and the ace of cups and strength and also the knight of cups and the moon among others , upon these cards the lady broke down I told her the meaning of these cards .She told me she had been having affair with someone at work she no longer wanted to be in her current relationship, she had told no one of her feelings .The cards were reaffirming with her where she wanted to be in her life and that the decision she had made was right for her at this time .After I explained these cards she hurriedly left and I could still see the aura around her .1 day later she called me to apologise that she had left in a hurry , she said that when she got to her car there was 2 silver coins on the ground next to the car door both with pictures of angels saying strength . She had picked them up, went home and left her husband the same night, now I still keep in touch with her she is happily married to a Women she worked with and had moved in and found happiness with her life .Her finances where sorted out, her relationship with her family had improved and she was happier than ever because she had the strength to change her life I’m just so grateful I could assist her and her guardian angels.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a reiki practitioner and clinical hypnotist I love working with people and helping them to look at different ways to improve both their mental and physical well-being. I am a hairstylist which means I absolutely love chatting to people whilst making them feel good. I love reiki and helping people to heal them self’s and I’m enjoying clinical hypnosis although this is a new thing for me I already love it.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing is to feel comfortable in yourself. Trust your inner guidance and have a reading when the time is right for you. You will attract the right people to help you just go with the flow and an open mind. 


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