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Psychic Clairvoyant - Medium - Shaman - Energy/Voice Vibration - Tarot/Oracle Cards - Animal Guides/Medicine

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Psychic Clairvoyant - Medium - Shaman - Energy/Voice Vibration - Tarot/Oracle Cards - Animal Guides/Medicine

Lorna Max


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Lorna Max's Profile

Hi there, I am a fifth generation psychic, medium and clairvoyant and author. I work with voice vibration and tuning into energy as well as working with other tools if I do need them.  I absolutely love working with spirit and my guides with a passion.   I connect very strongly with animals during readings which bring through great meanings.  I am a very down to earth reader and my objective is to send you my caller away ready to cope with what you need to, giving you options and explanations to blockages or obstacles in your life.  For me it’s about getting your guides and my guides together and making some progress. My main guide "White Feather" is very stern but we make a good team and we do our best to help where we can. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love the buzz and I love people and I love to help.   I find my job very very rewarding.   A smile or a tear on a clients face when a reading all falls into place, it’s priceless.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being an Aries I do have the typical traits of impatience of the Ram and a bubbly personality but with my ascendant in Scorpio and my moon in Aquarius it does give me a bit of a mix and I would not say I am a typical Aries

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I had a near death experience when I was 29 and I was made to awaken.  I was born into a family where the females read tea leaves but I never had it forced upon me and I was left to find my own way.  I wasn't listening so I was made to listen.  I now understand my childhood better as I saw and heard a lot of things so I know I have been like this from a very young age.  My great granny is my family guide around me daily to help me with readings, I don't read tea leaves like she did but she does guide me in other ways. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

After reading now for over 17 years it is hard to pick one particular experience but I do feel it may be the day I seen my friend's husband's grandad in the crystal ball.  It brought a lot of comfort to him and it kind of made me understand what I am on earth plain for. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Life experience is high up there, as I have had many obstacles in my own life. I have also done counselling and NLP courses, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and these qualifications all help me as a reader. My first love is Reiki and I started my whole journey with Reiki, now a Usui Master and Grand Master. This does help me with the energy side of readings. I pick up on the energy of a client and the colours I can see can help with healing or to identify blockages in chakras.  

I have done courses within the Shamanic realm and this is where my connection grew stronger with spirit animals.  I went onto to study this in greater detail and am now a Shaman.  I also have a diploma in past lives and this can help when we have relationship issues which may actually go back to previous life connections. Further along my learning I was given the Twin Flame Journey to go through myself and now I help many people understand the difficulties of these bonds.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I have had many a reading myself and for me I am very much drawn to the correct reader for me at that time.   I always ask clients to come with an open mind and be relaxed before they pick up the phone and ready with questions as a reading can go so very quickly, so make the most of it. I am a very straight to the point reader and I will not give you "fluffy stuff", please be aware of this before you call.  

Also as a practicing medium of many years I cannot guarantee who you want to come through will actually make an appearance, so an open mind is very much required.  Most of all relax and enjoy and be aware if you do not like anything you hear you have the "free will" to make those changes, not everything is written in stone and change is the only constant thing in life.

Lorna Max's Testimonials

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20/09/16.Lorna is straightforward reader,,her predictions are very different from what my other readers told me time will tell about it.i,ll update soon as 1 of her prediction is due this month.thanx Lorna.NKM

I never leave testimonials but i have to tell you Lorna you said my mum would move house within 4 months and we laughed about it saying not possible as she had no interest in moving. Its just hit the 4 months since i had the read and she has the offer of a lovely bungalow, out of the blue this week. She is taking it . You were right and we laughed at your prediction ! Thank you Lorna x

Things have happened that you said would happen. Please come on more often. When you are on its hard to get you..... E x

Lorna is one of the best readers on this site she dosent ask any questions and tunes in straight away to whats going on need for cards its all from spirit shes a very gifted woman ..she leaves no questions unanswered no confusion ..look forward to having more readings from her in the future ive found my trusted psychic now ..lots of love xx

thank u. I enjoyed my reading. Don't worry I am not confused that you said there was another new guy coming in as well, who will chase me (!) just like this one. Its always good to have choices in love and things, and I think with time I will know who to choose... many thanks xx

Hi Lorna, Been trying to get through to Lorna for weeks!!! Managed to get her today & I am so glad that I did & the persistent paid off big time!!! My goodness she hit the ground running with information and then some, would defo recommend Lorna as she is something special.. If you have not had a reading with her I suggest that you do, you will not be disappointed.. Thank you Lorna, will be in touch to update soon Take care & god bless from a fellow reader Sxxx

WOW WOW WOW......27/11/15 2nd reading with Lorna...extended for another 20mins...could talk to this wonderful gem all day...Shes top quality here,on the ball, full of info, get your pen and paper ready, kind and to the point with no frills, loads of helpful advice to guide me through this rough time. Picked up on so so much and just had to say a name and she was off. Cant understand why no more testimonials, seriously she is up there with the top readers here .... Lorna you are an amazingly gifted and kind soul...thank you so so so much.....I will work on my mission with my indigo, get my girl singing and allow my TF to come in time xxx ...will be lighting a candle for you x thanks you

Lorna's reading was amazing. She came through with loads of information and advice about my life which I could relate to. Also linked in with animal guide which was also really good and said so much about my life at the moment. Lots to look forward to. Lovely Lovely Lady who tells it like it is. Bubbly, great communicator and is highly gifted. Thank you. xxxx

Lorna! You were brilliant - thank you for a detailed and insightful reading. You picked up on energies I didn't even ask about but were on my mind and provided with background that you could not have known about. I'll keep you posted on my choices and the path I decide to go down. All the best.

BOOM! Lorna Max is the whole package! Such a warm and joyful lady too. Bless you Lorna for the clear recognition and empathy of my situation, for the deep advice and predictions.. I will NOT forget this reading. Many blessings to you and yours x M

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