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Hello all, I'm Vania and welcome to my page. I'm a natural psychic medium clairvoyant (all the clair senses) and a natural healer. I've always sensed spirit from a very young age but due to my religious upbringing, I was afraid to embrace it. After many signs, dreams and premonitions I finally decided to use with my gifts to help guide others on their journey and I have never looked back. My empathy and visions allow me to quickly tune in with God's guidance to answer all your questions. My readings are given with love, without judgement, with honesty, and spiritual truth. I have also started to use crystals as a tool for healing others.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I always get emotional when clients return to express their gratitude for my guidance and to thank me for inspiring them - that's what makes me happy!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I would say I'm very typical of my sign. I love sports, travelling, and always strive to evolve in all aspects. I'm truthful, caring, and with a great sense of humour.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Years ago when my father passed away, my mother was desperately looking for the keys to his suitcase because it had many of his belongings as well as favourite items. My siblings were all looking for the keys but it was nowhere to be found. During the night, I had a vision of my father's spirit reaching out to the top of the wardrobe, looking for something. I told my mother of this, she got a chair and reached her hand to the top of the wardrobe where I saw my father's spirit touching and there she found the keys to his suitcase.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

One of the many memorable experiences I have was doing a reading for a lady where I was shown that her son was in a relationship but he was not happy and that they were about to break up. The lady disagreed because she believed they were a very happy couple. 1 week later she called me to tell me that I was right, that her son announced the end of the relationship to the family and she was really shocked. However, she was ever so grateful because I brought awareness to the issue and that she could be there for her son when he needed her the most.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My life has been full of trials and tribulations and as a healer, empathy comes naturally to me so it has made me a great listener for those that may just need to talk.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To always remember that we all have free will, regardless of the message.

What our customers say about Vania

It was a pleasure talking to you again Vania on 7 Aug. I was so excited to see you back on. You reiterated what you told me last time, with even more detail. Spirit can be funny sometimes, they don't want you to know too much esp. about the new man..some things need to be a surprise...I agree. They feel I already know too much, but as you know, things dont always transpire the way we imagine them to. I am crossing my fingers for my business and definitely am with you regarding this human evolution we are all going through. Ancient T.

- Teresa

8th August 2021

Please come online soon… xx

- Tina

12th July 2021

Hi Vania, Haven't seen you on here for a while please come back on soon i really need your guidance again and would love to update you! Lots of Love G xxxxx

- Gemma

27th May 2021

Please come online again soon Vania, we’ve missed you. x

- Tina

19th April 2021

Vania is was absolutely amazing talking to you this morning. It was my third time, and even better than the last. It was a long session and I could have spoken to you all day. You pick up so much detail, with such integrity and experience. You really know exactly what is happening and can describe things perfectly. It will be interesting to see how things pan out on the emotional front and I will definitely keep you updated as things progress.

- Teresa

22nd January 2021

Please come online soon Vania you connected with me so well, would love to speak with you for an update . I will keep looking out for you Lots of Love Gem xxxx

- Gemma

16th December 2020

Hope to see you back online soon Vania. A few things you’ve predicted for me have happen. Take care xxx

- Tina

9th December 2020

Truly amazing reader. Lots of validations and so warm and funny. Lots to look forwards to now. I will be back for more xxx

- Val

3rd October 2020

Vania is absolutely brilliant. Only JB on this site is just as good. She is extremely detailed and the information just flows. She has a very calming way and so easy to talk to. She can explain the why, when and how which few psychics can. I wanted to extend but got cut off. Hopefully you are on again soon.

- Teresa

30th September 2020

Hi Vania please come online again soon, would love to update you xx

- Tina

25th September 2020

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