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I am a small Welsh town valleys girl, who grew up with a lot of spiritual and supernatural things that has happened to me since I was a child, from seeing spirits, hearing my name being shouted when no one was around, I could see people's real faces as a child, my great grandmother was a medium on my father's side, and my grandmother on my mother's side was a clairvoyant, I feel I've been handed this gift down, I’ve had a lot of connection in dreams from the other side, and an amazing astral projection dream that made me see the world in a completely different way for 2 days, I might possibly have mediumship but I try not to explore that side to much, but sometimes I can tell that the messages being delivered, are coming from either your guide or your loved one, not one of mine, the energy changes, I've had my energy channelling gift recognised by a life alignment master, whenever I go away I take my tarot deck and blow people's minds, after reading for the workers in Ibiza I became a bit of celeb on the island; people were asking for me, when they heard about my skills, this is my time to use my gift to help people on a more regular basis. Also, I've had a very tough challenging life, a lot of things I channel I can relate to, and my sympathy and compassion comes from a place of experience.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Honestly It still blows my mind how I can channel information through cards, and pick up details of a complete strangers life, and feel and see what’s happened, happening and going to happen, and give spiritual advice and guidance to people who need it, this is what I love the most, it's a bit special really isn't it, and to be a part of healing and helping, and guidance, I feel this is why I'm here.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As an Aquarius i can relate as a natural born humanitarian, I'm very truthful and seek for the honest answer, I'm very righteous and have a good sense of humour, we are the communicators of the zodiac and that's how I would relate to my sign.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I assume I've always had a gift, I had an imaginary friend called cookie when I was little who used to tell me things, things to keep me safe in my unstable environment, she was 1950s style house wife, I now know that was one of my guides, I had a strange dream about a friend who went missing and was found drowned in the woods, I had a dream about him, he was in the woods, it was all smoky and his smoky face was in my face, saying "I know I'm dead but I don't know where I am", I said "come with me", a year later I took a photo of my dad on Christmas eve at my house, he was in the photo, with his wet jeans and super dry jacket, and his hands, it shocked my family to see him standing over my dad in a photo, I've astral projected, in a dream in out of space with light beings, as I was traveling back through this world, into my street through my house, into my body, the world looked very artificial, for 2 days after that experience, everywhere I went the metal looked like plastic on this planet, it all looked fake and artificial, that was a strange experience, I took up tarot, because as a child I'd had some knowledge of the cards they always intrigued me, always a calling after playing with them at someone's house, when I took up tarot, I learnt the cards online, reversals and normal and combination meanings, i was need to know everything about them, and I read strangers I'd met out, picking up on everything, it was amazing to see I had a gift.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Many But my favourite was a client that had asked a question about what was her ex up to? , and I said "well you’re going to hear from him, he's going to message you and tell you he has regrets about what has happened between you both, and soon to" and she laughed and said "I doubt it, we’ve not been together or in contact for over 4 years", then a few days later, I received all these photos of screen shots, and he'd contacted her to say how much he regrets how everything ended between them, and she was absolutely shocked, and couldn't believe what happened, she's a very regular client now, and we always joke about how crazy that was, I have prophesised lots of important information that has come true, sometimes I can also deliver messages without my cards, I've done that three times to complete strangers, but if I hear an important message I say it, and the people I've said it to, says how do you know this, and it's given them a feeling of hope and comfort, and to reveal what's hidden.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

As a hairdresser by profession, it's given me a natural way of listening and sympathising with my clients, they say once you’re a hairdresser your also a therapist, I have also performed a pagan hand fasting ceremony this year, at magical avesbury, and married my friends, I also seem to be a natural at public speaking, and performing beautiful spiritual rituals.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Energy is fluid, time lines may be different than expected, and I'm not a trained therapist, so I'm not professionally qualified to give you advice, I relate through my own personal experiences, I will give you spiritual advice, and guidance safely, and promise to practice mindfulness, and you must use your discernment about how you use it, you are not under any pressure to implement it in your life, I want all my clients to be safe always, and leave my readings with clarity, if I don't resonate with your energy, I'm not your reader and someone else will be able to help, I've never had that before, but if it does happen, I want you to know, there is always someone who can help you, and talk to you, you beautiful souls, sending loving and caring energy to you and your loved ones.


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