Lisa Jayne

Clairvoyant who uses Tarot and Oracle Cards.


About Lisa Jayne

After the birth of my child, my dormant Psychic abilities were triggered, and this is where I finally accepted that I need to be authentic and accept I have psychic abilities. In 2017 I started reading professionally in the capacity of a Spiritual Consultant. When I was younger, I would inadvertently gaze into mirrors and I would glimpse future images, I didn't fully comprehend that I was Scrying. When my own mother was expecting my younger sibling, I can remember dreaming that I was a baby inside my mother's body, and I could hear her voice and her heart beat. I had this dream continuously until my younger sibling was born three days afterwards. This psychic ability to be able to feel another person's thoughts and feelings is called Clairsentience (Clear Feelings, commonly referred to as Empath).

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy giving readings to clients because they have freely contacted me for Spiritual guidance, to trust another person with your inner most thoughts is about being able to facilitate a safe environment in which I can provide a Metaphysical perspective for a client who is seeking clarification with specific areas in their life with regards to their present, past or future circumstances. This may be with regards to their relationship with family or a 'Person of Interest', their career prospects or a general reading if they went to go on holiday or simply see what the future has in store for them.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Piscean and my facial features do actually resemble a fish. My cheeks are full, I have full pouty lips and my eyes which are admittedly my best features are doe-eyes that easily reveal my true feelings. My walk is distinctive and funnily my star sign rules the feet. My fashion sense reflects my favourite colours (i.e. Sea Green, Sterling Silver, Peach, Yellow and Lavender). Like water, I am mutable, my ruling planet is Jupiter and co-ruler Neptune reflects my 'go with the flow' attitude and past jobs involved working with charities supporting vulnerable individuals struggling with complex mental health issues.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was around age 4 or 5 and I can remember seeing brightly coloured orbs that would often form the shape of a person. Whenever I witness these orbs turning into a human shape apparition, I would feel a sense of love and peace and get a whiff of lavender perfume which later on I discovered is what my grandmother used to wear (I never met my maternal grandmother (she died before I was born). On my 5th Birthday while my mother was preparing my hair, I was looking at my reflection in the mirror I could see another little girl in my mirror smiling at me. I said to my mother 'mummy who is that little girl?', my mother couldn't see what I am looking at told me to stop being silly. Again, I had looked into the future by gazing upon a reflective surface and I eventually met that little girl who was born 5 years later (my second sibling). My Psychic abilities are a mixture of Clairvoyant (Clear Seeing), Clairaudient (Clear Hearing), and Claircognizance.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most recent memorable experience was with a client who wanted a general reading, I managed to gain insight that they had recently lost their spouse to cancer, was in the process of a legal issue connected to their will but despite this minor conflict that they would still be able to relocate abroad to be with family members who would be in a position to support them emotionally and practically. This client only told me their name and because they were open with their energy, I was able to use my intuition by using my mind's eye to describe people, places, and objects which the client was able to validate. The insights I received meant that this enabled the client to move on with their life in a more positive direction and confidently face any future challenges.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

In February 2020 I was awarded the TQUK Level 3 certificate in Understanding Mental Health (RQF). In December 2016 I was awarded a certificate in the Aspire Programme Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Healthy Lifestyle and Personal Achievement Skills. In July 2094 I obtained my Bachelor Arts Degree in Sociology with Business Psychology. These awards I did for Personal development which I used in my variety work life experience in education, mental health and social care from 1992 until 2022.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important for a person to consider when deciding to have a Psychic reading is to ask opened ended questions, this enables me to connect with their energy and interpret received messages. Advisable to ask questions similar to the following: #Will my ex-return? #What hurdles do I need to overcome? #Will I find love? #What are my career opportunities? #Will I move house this year? #Will I be going on holiday this year? #Is my partner faithful? Also, it is important that they be receptive and open minded as their messages usually make sense after their consultation.


Lisa Jayne's Availability

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What our customers say about Lisa Jayne

Thank you Lisa Jayne. Very good reading. Picked up the situation accurately before I said anything. Very gifted. X

- Allison

29th May 2023

Fab reader picked up a lot without saying much

- Anon

29th May 2023

Your prediction came through about my trip being delayed . Thanks for the heads up

- Abigail

16th May 2023

Good honest reader. Understood people and situation really well. Offered great advice. Would have another reading x

- Anon

11th May 2023

Had a reading with Lisa Jayne she connected with me straight away. No messing around. And she is lovely. She picked up on everything that I was going through and more. One of the best readers on Psychic Sofa. I highly recommend you to have a reading with her. You won’t be disappointed x

- Zara

21st April 2023

Straightaway she was very accurate and gave really good validations. She’s a truly gifted clairvoyant who I will be coming back to again x

- Anon

17th April 2023

I had a reading with Lisa Jayne last week.She has a lovely warm personality and was so accurate with many validations. A caring, comforting reader xxx

- Anon

17th April 2023

Lisa you are soo amazing. I could not believe the details you gave me about my life and people in it. I will call you again soon. Thank you so so much. God bless

- J

29th March 2023

First reading with Lisa jayne and she was very quick Picked up on a ex who is stilling lingering around Described his hair colour, his past and present behaviour , I never told her anything Picked up on situations with my children Picked up on a house move I was considering I never asked any questions nor gave any information, she was brilliant She is going to be very busy soon Thank you so much

- Julie

23rd March 2023

Thank you Lisa Jayne sorry we got cut off before I had a chance to say thanks for an awesome reading. You gave great insights into the answers to my questions and I look forward to seeing the outcome to your predictions. Will definitely call again xx

- Linda

23rd March 2023

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