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About Skye May

Hello my name is Skye May. I've been using tarot cards on friends mainly and decided to read tarot professionally last year. I use my own intuition and my feelings when reading the cards. I always practice my meditation technique before readings to get better answers for a client. Also during readings I do get images shown that may relate to you, however not always ,

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love to be able to help people so they don't feel stuck in life. I have had clients that come back to me and  say that  the predictions have happend and this makes me so happy. I've also had clients that come back to me and say that  I bring them hope. I'm a very good listener, understanding and I take time to make sure I deliver what I'm being shown.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I'm a Sagittarius which for me means  I'm adventurous and I like to explore. I love having new ideas and I am very creative. I have a lot of passion in what I do and I put a lot of effort  and hard work into something I enjoy doing.  I also have traits of the sign Cancer in my charts

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was first aware of my gift when I was 15 and I  wasn't sure what it all meant until I started getting into reading tarot cards in 2018. I gained more knowledge of twin flames, of soul cornection and  astro travels (you feel you been there before )

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Reading for a fellow tarot card reader .We had a psychic connection immediately and read regularly for each other. It pleases me greatly to know that the information shared with this reader resonates with her and was validated over time.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I've been doing meditation for 3 years, self-taught and then discovered a mentor who guided and helped me to read tarot. Since then I have become more confident and I wouldn't be where I am today without her help.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

That  both the reader and the client connect. This connection will help the reading to flow and enable the reader to share what they see on the Tarot cards for you at that time. I ask that you remain focussed and patient and allow me to work with your energy.

Skye May's Availability

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What our customers say about Skye May

Amazing so in depth incredibly accurate

- Anon

30th June 2023

Well, WOW, Skye May❣️ I can write fast but could barely keep up with taking notes. Your connection is extremely powerful and your delivery is supersonic 💫 You gave me endless validations and the information just flowed and flowed. I am sorry I couldn't extend although I really wanted to, but hope to get through to you again when I have a little more privacy and can talk more freely. You're brilliant, thanks again for a great reading xxxxxxx 🙏🏼☀️💕

- G

20th June 2023

Absolutely amazing everything spot on and realistic predictions.

- Anon

29th July 2022

Finally! got to reconnect with you , picking up where we left off, as if no time had passed. connection still as strong as ever, I am over the moon 🌙 . Danna xx

- Danna

2nd April 2022

She is amazingly accurate. On a number of occasions for me. Her timing is 80% spot on. She's is the best. She always resonates with me and manages to calm me down.

- Leena

31st January 2021

Very accurate and information flowed naturally. She got the current situation right. Will come back

- M

27th June 2020

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