11 Signs of a Sociopath

Nothing if not attentive, a sociopath will make you feel as if you're the only person who matters to them. You'll be the centre of their universe - at least for awhile. They might phone you, or Facebook you constantly.

 Smooth talking sociopaths aren't always easy to spot, but our latest blog article highlights 11 of the traits you should look out for.


1) Charm and charisma

Sociopaths can smooth-talk their way into almost anybody's affections. They ooze charm and charisma which blinds you to their true nature. You will likely find them funny, interesting and exciting - a perfect partner! That is until they start lying and cheating. If somebody seems too good to be true, it's probably because they are. Be aware that if somebody is trying to impress you a little too much, they could be hiding something.

2) Attentive

Nothing if not attentive, a sociopath will make you feel as if you're the only person who matters to them. You'll be the centre of their universe - at least for awhile. They might phone you, or Facebook you constantly. The attention can be dizzying and that's exactly their intention. They are trying to make you dependant on them. Expecting you to spend every moment with them, they will also want you to cut off contact with family and friends. This is a massive warning sign. Sociopaths want you isolated and weak - an ideal victim.

3) Very sexy

Whether they are conventionally attractive or not, a sociopath will radiate a magnetism that's hard to resist. You may find yourself intensely attracted to them. It's all part of their plan to make you fall in love with them.

4) Whirlwind romance

One of the biggest sociopath signs is their haste to declare their love for you. You met a week ago, yet a sociopath will already be saying you are soulmates who should move in together. Such passion can be very flattering, which is why so many people fall for it. However a sociopath isn't really in love with you, they just want into your life so they can take whatever they can find.

5) A sob story

A sociopath preys on your good nature. They want you to feel sorry for them because this is a good way to win a person's love and sympathy. So they will spin stories of an abusive past or perhaps a terminal disease which they miraculously overcome.

6) Good liar

Masters of deception, lying is what sociopaths do best. They will lie to you to get their own way and to isolate you from others. They will dream up fake business ventures for you to invest in or fabricate an impressive job history to make you feel in awe of them. You'll rarely meet many family members or friends of a sociopath because the sociopath has told so many different lies to each person, he/she wouldn't want you all to compare notes!

7) Evasive

You'll never get a straight answer from a sociopath. The web of lies they have created are too complex. If you ask them for specific details, they'll dodge the question. They'll make you feel unreasonable for asking even the most basic of questions.

8) Always the victim

Nothing is ever a sociopath's fault. Taking responsibility for anything is not part of their personality. So they will always blame others for their misfortune, even when it's obvious they themselves were to blame. Eventually, everything will always be your fault. That's when things will get really ugly for you. They will chip away at your self esteem until you lose your identity and feel useless.

9) Enormous ego

One chink in the sociopath's armour is their inability to be modest. Always telling you how wonderful they are, it's an easy sign to spot as the over-the-top boasting sounds so weird. Some sociopaths might be able to fake modesty for a while but their ego will always eventually bounce to the surface and you'll be listening to tales of how successful, rich and powerful they are. So much better than everybody else!

10) Dual personality

A classic manipulation technique: one second they adore you, the next minute they hate you. By flipping your emotions from high to low, they keep you confused and wanting to please them. A sociopath can seem like two different personalities living in one body. You never know how they will behave to you. It's a scary place to be.

11) Cold stare

If you ever catch sight of a sociopath stare, it's something you'll never forget. Just like the icy stare of a carnivorous animal as it hunts down its prey, a sociopath's stare is empty and terrifying.

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