10 Common Signs That Prove You’re A Healer

Everyone has natural skills and abilities that often remain dormant and undiscovered. For some people these are psychic skills that enable a person to tune into the spiritual realms and receive messages

10 Common Signs That Prove You’re A Healer


Everyone has natural skills and abilities that often remain dormant and undiscovered. For some people these are psychic skills that enable a person to tune into the spiritual realms and receive messages. For others, their natural talents focus more on the healing arts, and their gifts and blessings can be used to heal other people.

There are many clues and signs that show up in your life to highlight your natural gifts. Most natural healers already know, or sense, that they possess some healing abilities, and simply need to hone these skills. Other people may suspect that there is something to explore, because they have grown up feeling different to others. If you recognise any of the following common signs you already possess natural healing abilities that are waiting for you to tap into them.

  1. You Are Everyone’s Agony Aunt

If people always come to you with all of their problems, there is no denying that you possess healing abilities. People are naturally drawn to your soothing healing energy, and your bright aura makes them feel safe. These people respect your judgment and value your advice, and they believe that you are the answer to their prayers.

  1. You Feel Pain That Is Not Your Own

You are able to pick up on the emotional and physically feelings of other people. This empathy enables you to connect with people on a deeper level, and allows you to tune in to what’s really going. You can easily tell when someone is trying to hide how they are really feeling. Being so empathetic can, however, leave you feeling emotionally drained and tired, and you tend to feel exhausted after being in the company of other people. Psychically protecting yourself will help you to regain your energy.

  1. You Are Generally Healthy

Natural healers have a tendency to not get sick very often. It is rare for you to catch the usual nasty bugs that do the rounds, and any minor health conditions you do get heal quickly. You have a positive outlook when it comes to health, and you like to try to heal yourself before considering a visit to the doctor’s. You like the taste of herbal teas and infusions, and you probably make time for regular meditation practice.

As a healer you are likely to store any physical pain in your neck or shoulders, and may suffer headache and migraine pain from time to time. Staying well hydrated helps you cope with minor health symptoms.

  1. You Like To Help People

Because you feel the pain of others you want to help people as much as you can. You’re likely to have experienced emotional pain of your own and want to do what you can to help others avoid experiencing the same pain. You’re also likely to have been born into a family of healers. Perhaps your Mother has natural healing skills, or healing abilities skipped a few generations and have been handed down to you.

  1. Animals And Children Adore You

Whenever you are in close proximity to children or animals they are naturally drawn to you. Both children and animals have the ability to tune into your healing energy, and like the people who want to offload all of their emotional burdens on you, they feel safe and comfortable in your presence.

  1. You Love To Spend Time In Nature

Come rain or shine, whenever you can you like to get outdoors. You love to walk in nature or spend time by the sea. Exercising outdoors makes you feel fully connected to Mother Earth and helps to re-energise you whenever you feel depleted.

  1. You Are Drawn To Crystals

You are naturally drawn to the colour, shape and energy of gemstones and crystals, and probably have a collection of them. Crystals have their own unique energy that can be used for healing. Explore your interest, and learn more about the precious stones that you find soothing to hold.

  1. You Enjoy Learning New Things

You have an interest in metaphysical subjects and may have already signed up for a few holistic retreats, psychic workshops and other esoteric courses. Enjoy exploring your new interest, as you will learn much about yourself.

  1. You Value Solo Time

Whilst you love your friends and family, sometimes you prefer being home alone. Solitude, peace and tranquility help you to relax and unwind, and to clear your energy.

  1. You’ve Always Felt Different

Since you were a small child you have felt very different. You are sensitive, empathic and caring, and most of the things that people around you are into simply don’t float your boat. Embrace your uniqueness and appreciate that you are different for a reason. The world needs natural healers like you!

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