You are Beautiful!

With the rise of social media, images of physical perfection have busted out of their traditional home of glossy magazines and advertisements.

You are Beautiful!

A spiritual perspective on beauty


With the rise of social media, images of physical perfection have busted out of their traditional home of glossy magazines and advertisements. Online has become the new haven for moody, pouting selfies because it's not just professional models who are striking a pose. You're just as likely to see your Facebook and Instagram friends showing off extreme gym-honed physiques and Photoshopped faces. This leaves many, especially young people, feeling inadequate and confused about how they should look. Is there one ideal of beauty? And what if you think you don't make the grade? Here's a spiritual perspective.



1) Smoke & Mirrors: it's just an image

Don't believe the images you see online reflect reality. Because just like a magician's trick, images posted online are often distortions of the truth. A filter here and an enhancement there make for a perfected version of the real person. So don't measure yourself against these fictitious people. It's a waste of your energy!


2) Everyone has beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one corner of the globes considers attractive, another will not. So, there is no one ideal of beauty. More importantly, everybody is beautiful because beauty should shine out from within you, instead of being skin deep. If you are a kind, loving, happy person, this will be reflected in your face and posture. The beauty of your personality will be there for all to see.


3) Love yourself

Appreciate how wonderful your body is. You can see, hear, smile, taste, walk, hug and read. You should never feel inadequate because you are, quite literally, amazing! Instead of fixating upon your bad bits focus upon the things you like about yourself. Your talents and achievements make you who you are and are a big part of your appeal.


4) Actions Speak loudest

Ever heard the story about how somebody idolised a certain celebrity - until they met them? Finding out your perfect guy/girl is not so kind in real life changes how you see them. It's the same with perceptions of beauty. You might be the most physically beautiful person on the planet but if you are sulky, arrogant and unkind, nobody will find you attractive. Cultivate positive qualities, such as showing compassion and helping without thought of reward. How you behave will define how people view you.


5) Smile!

You'll look better and you'll feel better. What's not to like? A smile smoothes away facial lines and instantly brightens your complexion. It also releases feel-good endorphins into your body, giving you a boost.


6) Silence your inner critic

If you believe you are hideous then that will be your truth. So stop it! Don't listen to the voice in your head that tells you you're not as good as the next person. You are. If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to stop those thoughts in their tracks. This recognition and awareness is the first step. Replace negativity with thoughts of what you have achieved recently or what you hope to achieve. Change the dialogue inside your mind and you will change the way you think about yourself.


7) Take care of yourself

There's nothing vain about wanting to look good - as long as it doesn't become your sole focus or an obsession. Treating yourself with care is good for body, mind and soul. So eat nutritious food, find exercise you enjoy, treat yourself to a flattering hair cut or some new shoes. Choose clothes that flatter your shape, but keep it classy. Don't consume too much alcohol. Look after your body - it's the only one you have.


8) Comfortable being you

The most attractive people are those who are comfortable being themselves. They are kind, generous, witty, good talkers and totally secure in themselves. Exactly the sort of person you'd want as a friend or lover. Try to become this person by releasing any fears or feelings of inadequacy. You are good enough - if you allow yourself to be.


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