How To Show Your Love

There are countless ways of expressing your love and feelings for someone, without even having to utter the three little words. Showing how much you love and care for that special person is easy to do.

There are countless ways of expressing your love and feelings for someone, without even having to utter the three little words. Showing how much you love and care for that special person is easy to do. Your actions will speak much louder, and more effectively, than speaking the truth.

Paying Compliments

Everyone loves to feel special. Letting someone know that you think they are amazing, by paying a genuine compliment, is an easy way to boost their confidence and make their day. Compliments don’t have to be restricted to comments about appearance. You can compliment someone on their intelligence, manners or thoughtfulness. A compliment that is heartfelt and genuine is a great ego-booster and should be given frequently.


Sharing is an obvious way of letting someone know that you care. Sharing secrets can improve intimacy in a relationship, and can help to strengthen a bond or commitment. Being generous with your possessions and sharing them, and other things, also demonstrates your love and affection for someone.

Love Notes

Silly little love messages scribbled on sticky notepaper are a cute way of telling someone that you adore them. You can write down your feelings, draw love hearts, or create uniquely personal messages for your loved one. Attaching the love note to the fridge door, or sneakily putting it in the pocket of their clothing, will ensure that your meaningful message is a surprise.

Love Letters

Long, long ago, before mobile phones and the internet were invented, people in love actually used to sit down to compose heartfelt love letters. Receiving a love letter today may be a rare occurrence, but it’s a special way of expressing your emotions and feelings of true love. Be inspired by the great letter writers of the past, and pen your emotive message on a piece of paper. You can include famous love quotes, poetry, or anything else that helps you to convey your feelings. Your beloved will treasure the love letter forever.

Love Songs

Making a playlist of the songs that you both love, or the tunes that remind you of times you have enjoyed together, is a popular way to let some know that you love and appreciate them. Create a soundtrack to your relationship or friendship, and include your ‘song’ and other musical tracks that are equally meaningful.

Healing Touch

Massage in a gentle, soothing and therapeutic treatment that can be used to ease stress and tension. In up close and personal, intimate situations massage can help to intensify the passion and mood. Soothe away your lover’s aches and pains, after a long, hard day at work, by massaging their head, neck and shoulders. Your loving touch will make them feel pampered and cherished.

Foodie Treats

It’s often said that the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. If you enjoy cooking or baking, pull out all the stops and make something special. A delicious three-course meal, or celebration chocolate cake, will go down a treat with anyone who you adore. If your cooking skills aren’t up to scratch, you can still show your love by buying their favourite edible treats.

Small Gestures

Gestures that are seemingly small are usually far more heartfelt and meaningful than it would appear. Breakfast in bed at the weekend, running a bath in the evening, or sending a random text message during the day, are little ways of expressing your big feelings.

Big Surprises!

Most people love surprises. An unexpected special treat or gift is sure to make someone you love smile. The surprise doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Something as simple as taking time out of your hectic schedule to meet them for lunch speaks volumes about how you feel.


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