Signs Your Love Will Last

Whether you're in the first flush of romance, or whether you've been together for years - most couples wonder if their romance will go the distance. The secret to long-term romantic success is in how you relate to one another.

Discover if your relationship will become a true romance


Whether you're in the first flush of romance, or whether you've been together for years - most couples wonder if their romance will go the distance. The secret to long-term romantic success is in how you relate to one another. Think of yourselves as a dream team, working together to make life happier, easier and more loving. Nurture your relationship and it will grow. Neglect it and it withers. So how strong is your relationship?


It's all about teamwork

You cook; your partner does the dishes. You look after the finances, while your partner takes care of DIY. Life is so much easier when you work as a team. In a strong relationship both partners put in equal effort to make domestic duties and general life stuff go by like a breeze. Each person plays to their strengths to lighten the load. A strong relationship is built on teamwork.


You're on the same page

Timing is important. If you're ready to settle down, while your partner still wants to party - it's probably not going to work. If your core values don't mesh, then all the spark in the world isn't going to be enough to sustain your relationship. Don't assume he/she will change long held views. Be prepared to accept your partner as he/she is, or don't get involved. Sharing similar dreams and ideals means you are less likely to clash over deal breaker issues in the future.


3) It's good to talk

It's great that you can have a laugh together about the fun stuff, such as your favourite TV show or a movie. But being able to talk about the big issues, like feelings, worries, decisions and misunderstandings will keep your relationship thriving. Communicating about the big stuff means that issues are dealt with before they fester and become toxic. There's no room for passive aggressive behaviour or playing mind games in a healthy relationship. As your relationship grows stronger, you learn how to disagree constructively. In a strong relationship, a difference of opinion isn't about criticising, blaming or controlling the other person. It's about listening to both sides, accepting that two people may have differing but equally valid views, reaching a compromise - so both of you give way and both of you get a little of what you want.


Respect and trust are your foundations

These really are the magic ingredients. If you have them, you have a relationship that will last. Both of you should expect to be treated with respect in words and deeds - accept nothing less. Your partner should respect your boundaries and always speak and act respectfully towards you. Respect is supporting your partner so they can achieve their goals. A strong relationship is one where both of you have demonstrated that trust is your number one priority. You can rely upon each other. You know your partner will be there for you when you need them - you also know they won't be afraid to tell you (kindly and not judgementally) if they think you're making a mistake.


You share a sizzling spark

Chemistry is important. You need a spark between you to take your relationship from friendship to romance. Never stop making an effort to connect with your partner. Make time for each other - don't slip into the mistake of taking each other for-granted. Compliment your partner often. Appreciate the small things your partner does for you - and say 'thank you'. Stay connected physically. Hug everyday. Make time to be intimate to deepen your connection.



Together in good times & bad

Nothing is perfect. Especially not relationships. Strong relationships will be good most of the time, but sometimes there will be bad times. Relationships have rhythms and cycles - sometimes you'll adore your partner, other times they'll annoy you. The trick is to recognise these cycles and work through them. If something is wrong - work to fix it. Don't just give up. If you call it quits when the going gets tough, you'll never experience the true joy of learning and growing with another person. When you've faced and overcome difficulties together - your bond becomes unbreakable. And that feeling is unbeatable.



Get that loving feeling

You don't need to shower your beloved with flowers, diamonds or designer gifts to prove your love. Strong relationships are where love is constantly shown in the little kindnesses each person performs daily for the other. Whether it's taking out the trash without being asked, complimenting your partner, recording a favourite TV show, or cooking a meal with no fuss. Being kind to each other everyday will make your relationship rock solid.



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