How To Stop Stifling Your Mojo

When your mojo is doing its thing you are in the flow and life is easy. Manifesting your desires is a relatively easy exercise when you’re aligned with your passions and your creativity is unrestricted.


When your mojo is doing its thing you are in the flow and life is easy. Manifesting your desires is a relatively easy exercise when you’re aligned with your passions and your creativity is unrestricted. Sometimes though going with the flow feels like a survival challenge. It’s at times like this that your mojo loses its shine and just isn’t working.

Your mojo is what makes you unique and special. It’s the natural charm that you possess that draws people and opportunities towards you. It’s also the magic that enables you to make things happen and get stuff done. If you stifle your mojo, through making common mistakes, you instantly stop the flow and your manifesting prowess loses its power.

To get your mojo back, pay attention to these things:

Let Go Of The Fear

We all have a fear of something, be it big or small. Letting it run the show though blocks your mojo magic and keeps you stuck in a repetitive cycle. Whenever fear starts to take hold it’s a good idea to pause for a moment, before you take decisive action. Next time that fear tries to distract you or pull you off track make a commitment to stop it. Sit in the feeling for a moment and allow your inner guidance to find its core. Ask fear to show you what it’s frightened of so that you can disarm it and release it. Keep asking questions until you get to the definitive answer. You can then surround the false belief with light and love and release it. You can also use Emotional Freedom Technique to tap it out of existence.

The Path Of Least Resistance

The Universe operates by using the path of least resistance. This means that when you are in the flow it will deliver your desires in the most direct and quickest way possible. In other words, it is pointless getting all specific about how you want something to happen, particularly when the Universe knows all the best short cuts. Stop stifling your mojo by trying to control everything. Instead be open to all possibilities.

Shift Your Focus

If your present reality is not what you had hoped for, stop struggling with frustration and shift your focus instead. When your mojo isn’t working properly your flow becomes interrupted or grinds to a complete halt. Get it restarted by focusing on your vibration. Get into a happy mood no matter what is going on around you. When you have a high vibe your mojo begins to work its magic and everything begins to shift again. Keeping this positive feeling in balance is what makes manifesting your desires possible.

Release Your Attachment To Outcome

Being overly attached to the specific outcome that you want is a great way to stifle your mojo. When you set a manifesting intention you have to believe and trust that what you want will manifest at the right and best time. Constantly worrying or stressing about the delivery clearly demonstrates your lack of patience, trust and belief. Once you’ve put out your request let it go and simply get on with things. Your manifestation will show up when everything (including you) is perfectly aligned.

Only Take Inspired Action

If you’re a proactive person it can be challenging for you to sit back and not take action. Taking positive inspired and intuitive action is always what you must do. Taking forced action however is something that you should avoid. When you try to take control to make things happen you mess with divine planning and lose your mojo power. Follow your inner guidance and act accordingly when the time is right. You will know when to take inspired action because your mojo will be motivating you to go with the flow.


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