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Passion, joy and abundance are the uplifting spiritual energies of this month. The Pagan festival of Beltane kick-started the season on May 1st, but its powerful energies extend throughout the month and into the next.

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Discover the renewing energy of Beltane

Passion, joy and abundance are the uplifting spiritual energies of this month. The Pagan festival of Beltane kick-started the season on May 1st, but its powerful energies extend throughout the month and into the next. Beltane is a passionate fire festival, marking the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It's all about fertility and energy, echoing the rhythms of the Earth as it bursts forth with new life and growth.

You can bring the energy of the Beltane season into your life, too. It's a time for renewal, new ventures, passions and energetic activity. Below are some ideas to align you with the energy of Beltane. Adapt them to suit your circumstances. Most of all this is a joyful time of year, when anything can seem possible. Happy Beltane month!

* - Passion

May is the month for finding your passion. Whether that's a new hobby, a new career choice or a totally new direction in life. Now is the time for positive change. The expansive energies of this season are encouraging you to go big and be bold! It's time to step out of your shell. Try out that idea or new experience that you've had bubbling away in the back of your mind. Everything is well-starred for new ventures.

* - Sex & fertility

The Pagan traditions of May follow nature's pattern of fertility and renewal. So this month is the ideal time to spice things up in your relationship. Reconnect with your lover in the bedroom, practice reigniting the spark of passion that brought you together in the first place. If you are trying for a baby, the creative energies of this month are traditionally a lucky time to conceive. Have fun!

If you are searching for love, there's no better time to get out there and start socialising. Go for it!

* - Energy

This month brings an invigorating and energising rush to the world. It's a high energy time. So flex your muscles, both mental and physical, and start putting ideas into practice. Exercise your body to soak up the energising energies of Beltane. A walk, jog or run in nature beats the sweaty gym every time!

* - Abundance

May is overflowing with good vibes. You can draw this sense of abundance, literal and metaphorical, to you by repeating a positive affirmation daily throughout the month. Try: 'I feel the flow of abundance from the universe. I believe my dreams will come true'. Now is the time to sort out any lingering fears over finances. Face issues head-on, seeking advice from debt charities if necessary. Once you face your fears you will overcome them.

* - Personal goals

If there's anything you've been longing to attempt, from setting up a new business to learning a new language or finding a new place to live - now is the time to give personal goals the go-ahead. The upbeat energy of this month will push you to look on the bright side, meaning that everything you attempt will seem to work out well and be easier than usual.

* - Joyfulness

If Beltane is about anything, it's about joy. Throwing off the energies of the old season and moving forward into the new with a light and hopeful heart. Nurture the energy of joy within you by doing a little something you enjoy every day. From a small bite of something nice to eat, to reading your favourite book, watching a favourite TV series or trying a creative pursuit. Actively seek out a little slice of joy everyday.

* - Bad habits

As this is the season for new beginnings, there's no better time to ditch the bad habits and start life anew. While physical bad habits are the first to spring to mind, don't forget the emotional bad habits that can weigh you down, too. This means not brooding on mistakes, letting go of the past and focusing on positive, not negative, thoughts and emotions.

* - Spirituality

Spread the joy of this month by flexing your spirituality with little acts of kindness to others. Offer to help a neighbour. Bring a bunch of flowers to a friend or relative. Volunteer your time with a charity. It's the season for giving. Your good turns will reflect positive energy and favourable outcomes right back at you.


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