The Daily Habits Of Super Confident People

It is our thoughts that create our emotions, and it is our emotions that create our actions. The actions that we take then create our life experiences.


What Makes Confidence?

Confidence and self-esteem are what people who get what they want have in abundance. Those who think and believe that they can do something – like achieve that promotion, compete in a marathon, start a business venture or be the star of the show – tend to experience exactly that. These people are no different from you. They have simply mastered control of negative thinking, and choose to use positive thoughts and words to create their emotions and experiences.

Confidence is a highly attractive quality to possess, and an attitude that takes time to build and develop. With daily confidence practice you too can achieve great things.


No matter what you want, it helps if you keep your plans simple. Confident people create an uncomplicated plan and keep their eye on the prize at all times. They also don’t allow other people’s opinions and views to cloud their judgment or to cause distraction.

Confident people remain focused and maintain a positive vision in their mind. Keeping your dreams alive can also help to increase your self-belief. When you expect good things to happen the powerful force of expectation tends to work in your favour.


It is our thoughts that create our emotions, and it is our emotions that create our actions. The actions that we take then create our life experiences. Confident people have greater control of their thoughts and choose to adopt a positive “I can” attitude. This intention helps to set in line your positive self-talk language and actions, and increases self-assurance. When you believe in yourself other people become inspired and start to believe in you too.

It’s ok to listen to what other people have to say, but self-confident people don’t pay heed to well meaning opinions. Super confident people use the views of others as a way to reinforce their belief in themselves. A negative comment or criticism therefore becomes a positive opportunity to make changes and adjustments that are for the better.


Let go of the fear of success and stay focused on the upside of achieving what you want. Confident people dedicate time to the things that matter, and are happy to say “no” to stuff that uses up their valuable time and energy. If the voice of self-doubt starts to raise its volume, tune out by focusing on your priorities. A practical way of overcoming self-doubt is to tackle something that you’re afraid of failing at. Although failure is sometimes inevitable, it’s often a great opportunity to re-define and develop your ideas further. Confident people are still confident, even when they fail at something. That positive “I can“ attitude sets the path to follow, and keeps them focused no matter what happens next.

Be Yourself

The most successful and happy people are not born the most talented, beautiful or rich. Everyone secretly aspires to have more self-assurance. The people that you perceive as being successful simply have more belief in themselves than you have in yourself. Confident people are humble and don’t have a need to talk endlessly about themselves, or to boast about their success. Be yourself and let your confidence speak for itself.

Consider finding a role model who personifies what you want to achieve. Choose a mentor who has achieved what you want, and when in doubt follow their lead. Consider what (insert name) would do to overcome a challenge or a problem. This perspective will help you shift your focus from self-doubt to success. Cut yourself some slack and remember that every experience has value and meaning. When you really believe you can do something you become a super confident person who is determined to overcome any setbacks.

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