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Intuitive Tarot Reader, Guides', crystal energy and angelic channelling

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About Angel Moon

I am an intuitive tarot reader who works directly with my guides' crystal energy and angelic channelling. I can give you a reading into the current energies surrounding your situation and the questions you may have about the energies around you. I have been working with my gifts for ten years in practice.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I really love giving people a feeling of peace and calm around their situations and give them a positive feeling that can help guide them in the direction they would like with regards to their situations. I hope to help you with angelic channeling and messages from my guides that can give you some clarity on what you are experiencing in your life.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am very passionate and confident, as well as optimistic! I am very typical of my star sign in this respect.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was a small child when I think I became aware of my gift, It has pretty much been in my awareness and second nature to me all my life!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I was working with a client advising them about their relationship with a person who lives overseas, she was worried about language barriers and distance too- but with the use of my readings and coaching I was able to soothe her mind and make sure she wasn't worrying to much. A few months later her person moved to her city and they are happily engaged

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a crystal healer and a reiki practitioner, I also have many years experience in yoga and meditation :)

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I feel the most important thing to consider is that the readings I do are looking at primarily the current energy around the situation and it is their for guidance to help you reach a positive outcome :)

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What our customers say about Angel Moon

I have called Angel 4/5 times recently and she has consistently delivered information with great insight and clarity around different situations and one in particular which is complex and very few readers on PS have been able to make sense of the issues surrounding this. I recommend her…she tells you what she sees with no waffle or time wasting. Thank you for your readings and I will call again, of that I am sure. Xx

- Anon

22nd December 2022

Angel Moon is a wise, positive reader who gets to the heart of things spiritually. I enjoy how she helps me make sense of my world 😀

- Catherine

11th December 2022

It was really lovely speaking with you today 04/12/22, Angel Moon. Everything you said resonated and your reading was incredibly helpful; you're a very special Lady, thank you. Much Love xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

4th December 2022

Wow, what an amazing reader! She's really given me hope and I'll call back soon!

- Margaret

8th November 2022

Stunning. Extremely pleasant and easy to talk to. Comes across as open and very confident in her intuitive ability, justifiably so. Lots of precise information and predictions that made perfect sense. Specific timings given, and I'll post more feedback if they turn out to be accurate. No waffle; she was totally focused on my numerous questions, which she answered quickly and clearly. I'm so pleased I chose her today, and wouldn't be surprised if she becomes rather busy in the near future.

- Margaret

24th October 2022

Thank you so much for your reading earlier!! You lifted my spirits and gave me more hope when I don’t have much anymore! I think you are a lovely reader, give this lady a ring, i to think you will get off of the phone feeling so much better!! Thank you ❤️

- Sam

19th October 2022

Thank you for a wonderful reading and guidance, Angel Moon. I tried to extend but got cut off. Will definitely call you back in future as your connection was very clear and strong. Much Love xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

19th October 2022

oh Angel Moon, thank you so much for one of the best readings I have ever had, and I have spoke to so many on sofa, and there are some brilliant ones but oh my goodness, Angel Moon was just amazing, heart warming, so gifted, answered anything I asked with ease, instantly, and she is very connected to spirit, I had so much clarity, comfort and validation after validation, I knew safer seeing her profile I would love to have a reading with the, knew she would be amazing, and wow, she is one of the best I have ever spoke to, I felt so happy , and you feel like your in safe hands, Thank you so much, you are going to be so busy on sofa, very grateful I had a chance to have a reading with you, meant the world to me what you picked up, I have had peace of mind since specking to you, looking forward to having another reading with you, when everything comes in il have a lovely catch up with you, lots and lots of love and hugs to you and precious Rio and your mum and her precious fur baby, oh so exciting !!! this beautiful reader filled me with joy, we and sofa are very very lucky to be able to speck to such a gifted reader, love and light and hugs julie a fellow reader, xxx

- julie

17th October 2022

OMG Angel Moon is just amazing! I'm so happy I get to be the first person to leave a review for such a beautiful reader. I was drawn to you instantly and I'm so glad I got through. Thank you soo soo much for my phenomenal reading! Everything you said was spot on. You've got such a strong connection to spirit. I can't thank you enough! I feel like my energy has lifted! You have a true gift 🥰

- Cristina

16th October 2022

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