5 New Year's Resolutions You Won't Want To Break

Most people simply go about setting New Year's resolutions in the wrong way. Whilst your intentions may be good, the temptation to fail at your goal is generally greater than the will to succeed.

New Year Resolution

Setting realistic New Year's resolutions can help you to stick to your goals in 2018.

Most people simply go about setting New Year’s resolutions in the wrong way. Whilst your intentions may be good, the temptation to fail at your goal is generally greater than the will to succeed. This year, instead of committing to the same old resolutions, choose new challenges that transform your life in positive ways.

Break the habit of breaking resolutions once and for all. When you decide to commit to achievable goals, you will want to work a little bit harder at succeeding.

1. Put Yourself First

Your number one New Year';s resolution is putting yourself first. Adopting a self-love regime will enable you to appreciate your awesomeness on many levels. Look after your mind, body and spirit and make time to enjoy life to the full. When you learn to love yourself you instinctively cherish your whole being.

When you put yourself first you naturally gravitate towards setting resolutions that benefit your life in many ways. Your inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation will also get a boost. Knowing that you are working towards achieving something that is highly beneficial will help you stay committed.

2. Choose Change

Resist the temptation to revisit old resolutions. It's time to forget the challenges that you set yourself in the past, and failed to see through to the end. Shift your mindset so that you choose empowering resolutions over the most common options. You can still lose weight, quit smoking, get a new job and find your soul mate. However, with a change in attitude you'll feel more motivated to stay on track for success. Instead of relentlessly trying to do something that you know you'll give up on, choose to take up something new that inspires you.

3. Think Big

Not all New Year’s resolutions have to have a 12-month success span. Setting long-term resolutions allows you to have smaller measurable goals en route to your desired end result. Challenges like learning how to play a musical instrument, mastering a sport, learning to speak a new language, or passing your driving test, can be achieved over a longer period of time that suits your learning pace. You will appreciate your efforts more as you make steady progress.

4. Frequent Activity Goals

Break up the monotony of sticking to long-term resolution restrictions by taking up a few frequent activity goals. If you usually start to give up on your resolutions after a couple of weeks, plan to introduce some fun activities to reignite your enthusiasm. You can set small daily goals for yourself, or increase your activity over the course of a week or month.

Choose fun stuff that boosts the effort that you are already putting in. If your resolution is fitness based, you can try out a new class at the gym, or walking instead of driving, as your weekly goal. If you want to land your dream job, your frequent activity goals can include things like learning new skills and attending networking events.

5. Resetting Your Outlook

There is nothing wrong with changing your resolutions at any time of the year. You may want to reset your outlook if you have set a challenge that has smaller measurable goals. If you find it too difficult to stick to you original commitment, don't give up. Switching your resolution can help you succeed on a different level.

Tweaking your resolutions can help you improve your lifestyle and habits. If you maintain a positive attitude you can achieve anything. Just because you didn't achieve what you initially set out to do, it doesn't mean that you haven't succeeded at becoming a better version of you.

What does the new year have in store for you?

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