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"I wonder if you can help me please. I am married to a physically disabled man and I don't love him any more. He used to treat me very badly, beating me and putting me down in front of my friends. He even gave away my dog Coco. I met a man many years ago and fell in love instantly with him, his D.O.B is 1/4/73, I got the feeling from him that he liked me too. Can you see us being together, I just want to be loved and to love as well? I don't want to live like this any more. When will I be free of my husband to live the life I want, I love animals and nature and would love to spend a few days by the sea to enjoy the peace and quite, I haven’t had a holiday in 13 years and am so tired and lonely as I can't have my friends here as I have to look after my husband as well as work all day, 7 days a week. Thank you for your kindness."

Hi Eleanor, Life has not been at all easy with you and dealing with such an abusive man physically or mentally drains you and lowers your self esteem, even though your husband is disabled, does not give him the excuse to do this to you, and this it totally understandable that you have fallen out of love with him, He feels like this is a man of control and the reason he sadly gave your dog away was due to the love that you showered Coco and your husband disliked the fact the love was for your precious dog and you were not giving him all the attention. Your husband is the one with the issueproblem here and there is nothing that you have said or done that has made him this way this is not your fault. The man that you liked years ago is a gentle man and actually knows how to treat a woman and his kind heart and warmth is what you feel in love with. In order to be with this man you do need to break free from your current situation which I can see he controls, it is only natural that you would love a break by the sea and peace and quiet it is not too much to ask after all. It sounds like there is no time for you at all, working and looking after your husband sounds like you have two full time jobs, however, you are woman of substance as you have kept going, but you are not happy and this is something you should have and are entitled too, you really are not asking for too much out of life. It has taken quite some time for you to realise that there is something better for you and to stay with your abusive husband is not living and do not feel guilty about leaving as in fact he has driven you away with his behaviour. I do feel that this man in your life that you like I feel that yes he does like you too, and will always give you time to sort yourself out before getting heavily involved with you, all said and done your decision on your marriage has to come from you and I feel that you will break free and start to live again. Your husbands disability does not give him the right to treat you this way, and he will dwell on the sympathy vote when you say about parting company. All that you are looking for is peace, harmony and tranquillity and I feel in order to obtain all this you need to take some brave steps out of this situation but do this for you and not for another man. This man I feel will be there for you when you do, but you would start to live again with or without him as you will be making your own decisions and not being intimidated by the man who tries to control
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Last year I sold my business. The guy I was in business was a controlling bully, I was so happy that I got out. I have now started something new and it is going well. I am now in control of what I do. The problem I have is he has been trying to get in contact. I blocked him in every way possible. But he has started to send me mail in the post. He sent me a letter last week and I am hoping this is the last I hear from him. I just want to move on with my life, please tell me this is the end of it.


I can see that this has been a terrible situation for you and you have done very well to move on from this and start up again and this will continue to go well for you. The ex-business partner is not doing so well I feel and sending you a letter was really his only way of contacting you and to keep up the bullying(make sure you retain this letter) I am sorry to say but I sense that he will send another letter to you virtually of the same format as the other one.


There are two options here, you either firmly reply to him and advise that if he keeps contacting you of which it does sound to be harassment then you will take action against him.


If you choose not to do this then it would be wise to contact the police, this man seems to be really frustrated at his situation and he is on a mission to get back in contact with you this is all part of his control and he is unhappy that you took control of your own destiny and left him with his.


Hi, my place of work seems intent on making everyone as miserable as possible. The management seems to be against us even when we bend over backwards to make the company lots of money. Anything that we get the slightest bit of pleasure from is banned, like having the radio on. They all seem to have this crazy paranoia that we're all against them without any good reason and it's affecting everyone's morale. Should I stick it out or should I find a company that treats their staff with a bit of common decency? Thank you.


When things seem to be out of balance in a work environment it can get very difficult indeed. It seems that they have no idea of how to treat their workers and have not grasped the concept that the better they treat you the work input would increase, they seem to be totally blinkered. This situation need to be addressed as it will not improve if you are part of a union then it would be wise to speak to them, failing that then if you could arrange to speak to others about this current situation it would be wise to join forces have a meeting outside of work and then appoint a couple of spokesman to politely let them know how you are all feeling. I have a sense that they are currently looking at holidays for some reason there seems to be announcement of change around it of which is more in their favour than the employees.


Failing this it would be wise to look for another job, and you will find a new one very quickly and in turn you will see that many, many other people will also leave the company.


I'm really struggling to get on in life at the moment. I don't like my job, partner or anything in my life. Should I make a clean break and get away from it all or should I stick it out and hope things get better?


The key to this situation is that you do need to take control of your life and tackle one issue at a time, it would be wise to set yourself goals.


It would wise to accept that fact that things are not going well for you in different areas of your life and believe that you and you only can change things. You are more than capable of changing jobs and I sense that you will over the next few months. This in turn seems to give you a new found confidence and you start to think clearly and logically of how your relationship is going. It seems this relationship is what is and there is a reluctance for your partner to change their ways, with this in mind I am being shown that you take a brave step and decide to walk away from this situation. There are happier times in front of you based on the actions that you decide to take.


I’ve been with my partner for 3 and a half years, I’ve always made the effort and he doesn’t bother. We have two kids together, am I just wasting my time hoping he’ll change? Does he have any interest in me anymore?

Your partner thinks that things are not that bad between the pair of you despite the fact that you have made such a big effort with him and he is complacent that you would never tell him to go. He appears to be settled as things are and he is not willing to change sadly, he is still interested in you but seems to think that life will carry on with you the way that they are, and if this is making you feel unfulfilled and unhappy. You may wish to take control of this relationship and take a brave step forwards and continue with your life with him just being a dad to your children and not have him in your life in a romantic way.

My husband’s first love from high school has recently made an attempt to get in touch with him. She somehow got his email and emailed him, he told me about it and showed me the email which on the surface seems to be quite innocent but I’m concerned that this may bring up old feelings from the past. He said he doesn’t think that he will reply, I don’t want to tell him what to do but I’m concerned about this woman’s true intentions. Should I leave it or should I tell him I don’t feel comfortable with him talking with past lovers?


Your husband has been very open and honest with you as he has showed you the email it would have been so easy to have hidden this from you and communicated with her without your knowledge and he has chosen thankfully not too, your marriage is worth far more to him than that.


I really am not being shown that he is or would be interested in this woman again and she has contacted him just to see how life has treated him it is merely a catch up and she is not looking at him in a romantic way this is not her intention. I do not sense that your husband will choose to reply to her and should he do so you have nothing to fear, as after some brief communication they more than likely will not hear from each other again.



I have been applying for a job since a few months. Will I get a call from the company of my choice? Will I get a good profile and how will my career be in 2017?

There is a change ahead of you but it will not be necessarily from the company of your choice. It would be wise to try to widen your horizons and not just rely on one particular company, due to the fact that this could lead to disappointment. I am being shown that there is a job offer for you over the next few months and it is a job well worth considering as there would be many opportunities on offer at a later date, and this will help to broaden your horizons and build up your profile. Keep you options open and try not to just focus on one company only. There are some wonderful times ahead of you.

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