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About Alexandra M

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love connecting with people from all walks of life and using my gifts to help them through any issues they may be facing. I love to help people with love or career issues and get a real satisfaction from seeing my client's progress as the reading continues and that dark cloud slowly lifts from above their head. I consider myself truly blessed to be able to guide people through life and am honoured to work with each individual I come into contact with.

How are you typical of your star sign?

As a Pisces I am naturally empathic which means I feel the reader's emotions. This enables me to connect straight away with your individual situation and your feelings surrounding it. I always like to help people in every walk of life be it personal or professional. I'm am naturally calm and patient, to a fault and work hard to balancing my emotions as it's definitely the key to succeeding as a Pisces.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have been psychic all of my life but never really classified as that until I was in my twenties. I just thought I was over sensitive but when I realised I knew everything about the people I met without them even saying a word people would think I was playing some sort of trick. It was then that I started to open myself up to spirit and let it guide me in my life path. I knew I always wanted to help people so it was a blessing when spirit opened that door and showed me what I could do with and for others.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable client was a woman who came on the phone and was really upset because she'd had 3 real bad relationships and didn't believe she would ever find a good man again. I proceeded with the reading and saw that there was a man coming in for her in the next two weeks. She didn't believe me but I described him and told her where she would meet him and a wee later I received a call with her crying on the phone saying she had met him. A year later I received a call to say they were getting married and I was so happy for her. From a place where she had no hope she was confident, happy and excited about the future again. It's always a pleasure to help someone reach their goals.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My background is psychology and I also work as life coach and counsellor in my private work. I love to harness and use all of my skills when I'm working with a client to best help them achieve their goals.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I think the most important thing to consider when you get a reading is if you feel a genuine connection with the reader. I always say yes I am psychic but we all have a little inner voice that guides the way. Choose a reader who you feel comfortable with first and foremost and spirit will guide you through the rest and ensure that you get the most out of your reading.

Alexandra M's Availability

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What our customers say about Alexandra M

Awesome, awesome, awesome. This lady likes to see "progress". Thanks for reading so well and its the guy who should not play "games".

- n/a

31st October 2014

Great to catch you at last. endlessly booked!! Fresh air and clarity. Compassion in supporting very difficult times without whitewash. Oct 23rd 2014. The ventriloquist!! sorry for that trick!!

- n?A

23rd October 2014

Marion was a fantastic reader. She zoomed right into my career issues and needed no information from me. Her link with her guides was very strong and very real. I will definitely return for another reading in a few months. Thanks, Marion!

- N/A

24th August 2014

Marion is warm, empathetic and, above all, insightful and accurate. She gave me details she could not have known about my situation from the onset. The reading she gave me was uncanny in its accuracy. The advice offered has been gratefully received, understood and will be acted upon. I commend her to you. Truly, she is amazing. And this from a first time caller and a Yorkshireman!

- Paul

31st July 2014

What can i say, she is amazing, warm, to the point and correct in what she is reading, she is spot on, I will only let her read me in the future...

- Sandy

22nd June 2014

Just Brilliant.. Straight into confirmations.. no prompting.. no clues. Calm and clear, accurate and insightful. Marion is brilliant in a quiet, steady and kind way. She confirmed other readings in a way that gave more information. Very grateful!

- Mich

2nd May 2014

Just had a reading with Marion, she picked up straight away what's happening in my situation and gave great advice from spirit. She's warm and lovely to speak to, would recommend!!!!!

- lyn

27th April 2014

I just had to leave a testimonial for Marion, I rang her in despair as things in my business are rather difficult and she picked up on a huge amount of detail, and was very clear and precise. She was so good that I extended my reading and 30 minutes was not really long enough and we got cut off just as things were getting interesting. She predicted something very special about a male with whom I have a strong connection... watch this space. I just wanted to recommend Marion. Thank you so much for a great reading, I now feel calm about the situation. A xx


14th March 2014

Spoke to Marion, and straightaway she made me feel so much better about myself and the direction that my life is going. Marion was spot on about a lot of people around me. Marion, I will call you in 4 weeks in ref to this situation to let you know how that goes. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a straight, truthful reading!


18th February 2014

Amazing reader, gets to nitty gritty & always is so friendly, Lainey in Scotland xxx


10th December 2013

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