Tarot, psychic medium clairvoyant pet and people healer using sound and vibration and connecting into the spirit realm from our guides and ascended masters for guidance. Native American Animal Totem Cards, Shaman Wisdom Cards, Aloha Wisdom Healing and Crystal Healing

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About Alida

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love advising clients about their path in life. I connect to spirit as I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient. I will FEEL your needs and answer your questions. I have worked for over 30 years as a clairvoyant and in many countries, as well as the UK in New Zealand and Spain. As well as working on a one to one basis I have also worked with large groups.

I love to connect to the world of spirit and give messages from the other side to their loved ones. These messages assist them through their journey and on their path in life. I love to give hope and to let people know that they never walk alone in their lives and that the hand of spirit is always there for them.

I get great joy when clients return to me again and again telling me, “Alida you were so right, thanks for the advice, the path you set me on was so right” This is what I like most about giving readings to my clients, advising them, with their needs and happiness always coming first.

How are you typical of your star sign?

Yes, most definitely I am a true Cancerian, the Crab. The fourth sign of the Zodiac and a water sign. Ruled by the moon and the tides, with Moon energy being the Ruler of moods. I have lots of compassion, I protect and nurture. My family, friends and home come first in my life. I am a very sensitive person and can pick up on people’s moods very quickly. I am also a very caring and intuitive person and show great sympathy to peoples needs.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

From a very early age I used to see spirits and angels, however I would say the very first strong sense when I was made fully aware of my great gift involved my own Father. My Dad was tragically killed in an accident when he was only 62 years old. I had a conversation with him as he passed to spirit. I saw him floating above his body and he told me “you must use this gift you have”. The door to the world of spirit was truly opened for me and I continued to learn, explore and teach through the Spiritual Church. Now I share my gift with you.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

This must be the experience I had with a friend. We were old school friends but had lost touch and had not seen each other for 30 years. At that time she did not believe in the power of spirit. However, during our first meeting together she had a reading with me and her first and only true love, who had passed to spirit many, many years before came through with a message for her. He told her he was still there by her side and truly loved her. Many years had passed but he was still the love of her life and this experience brought her inner peace and she was able to move forward with her life.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have over 30 years experience as a reader and during this time I have helped thousands of people on the path of life. As stated I love to work on a one to one basis but am also confident and experienced working with groups. During readings I will call upon some or all of my abilities to advise the client, whether this is by receiving messages from spirit for them or reading the tarot cards. During readings I am able to work with the Native American Animal Totem cards or the Shaman Wisdom cards should the client require this. I also have experience in Aloha Wisdom Healing and Crystal Healing. I will use these qualifications but mostly during a reading my wonderful gift of being a clairvoyant will come through.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When a person decides to have a psychic reading they must be open to what they receive. The more relaxed and open they are the more messages and advice will come through. It may not make sense at the time of the reading but still listen and take on board what the reader is telling you.

I love my clients to ask questions and get involved in the reading. I also love to listen to my clients, therefore think about what you want to achieve from the reading, making a list of questions if you feel it necessary. You may think the questions sound daft or silly, they are not, remember the issues are important to you and I am here to advise you. Be open with me and you will receive honesty and true advice. Sometimes you may not like what I tell you but the advice I will give is what I see and feel for you. It is your reading, your life and your future, use your reading with me wisely and you will move forward in the direction you wish. I look forward to speaking to you very soon.

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What our customers say about Alida

Just had a great reading with Alida, so many validations and made me feel so much better about things :) thank you so much, take care love Leanne xxxx

- Leanne

24th August 2016

The reading I had from you this morning 17/6 was just outstanding! To have my son come through so clearly from the spirit world was simply amazing. I very rarely extend but I extended because I didnt want the read to end. Thank you so much Alida, I am clear on what I have to do now. What a lovely lady you are xxx

- n/a

17th June 2016

Thank you Alida for reading for me this night (06/05/16). Was full of insight and confirmed much of what has and what I feel is happening to me. Am feeling very positive and optimistic! Thanks so much! x

- Nk

6th May 2016

Thank you Alida! Thanks for giving me guidance and pick up my brother's energy. I will pass the message across to him. What you picked up is true, I hope he will be a happy man very soon.

- JT

9th April 2016

Beautiful lady who looked at my past, present and future. Told me all I needed to know about my current situation and gave me very good advice about loosening the emotional ties with my son in time for him moving home and going to University. A great mixture of prophecy and information that not a lot of people know.

- Fiona

29th March 2016

Alida, Sorry we got cut off, tried to phone you back. Accurate Amazing facts Thank You

- Rose

20th February 2016

Thank you Alida for an honest reading. Upon reflection, I can see everything now, so thank you for being very honest and truthful in your reading. I will let you know how things unfold.

- SP

19th February 2016

Alida what a beautiful reading you gave me on Christmas morning. I wont forget it cause you made me cry happy tears. You were spot on about everything and you did actually make my day bringing my Grandad through from the spirit world. You are a true reader and gave me such a clear and precise reading with honesty but also with compassion. As a reader too, thank you for the guidance with work I really appreciate it ... L x

- n/a

25th December 2015

A very calming lady to talk to who was very thorough and indepth and insightful with the information she picked up on. Was very clear and concise wth her perceptions. Will come back to her again.

- Karon

11th December 2015

Alida had a very soothing tone to her voice which automatically made me relax. She was straight to the point with regards to her methods. Throughout the whole call I felt a sensation similar to a cold chill around my upper back and top of my head. I was transfixed with her voice because she sounded so friendly and familiar. I was able to speak freely with her and was sad that our call came to an end. I will definitely be contacting her again for insight and guidance. Thank you Alida for trying to help me gain some clarity!

- Kylei

9th December 2015

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