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From a very young age I knew I was sensitive to energies around me and people’s energy which I didn’t really understand at that time. I also had dreams (premonitions) that would come true later. Dreams of people who had passed over also. I could feel people’s emotions and pain just looking at them and being around them. As I got older into my 20s it become stronger but in my 30s even stronger and I decided to follow my gifts I then self-taught myself and eventually went into trance which my guides work through me to help others and started giving readings and healing to people in need of help, and from that time I never stopped in where I know my passion lies to help others.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I know how it can be to have dark times in your life and to experience dark times, so when you have felt that and come through it and healed then I get the greatest pleasure to help others in the best way I can so they can hopefully move forward in their life too, and embrace and have joy into their life, in whatever situation going forward. I love to help my clients as much as I can.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Well, I’m definitely a Taurus! Loyal trustworthy, protective over the people I love, a little stubborn but love with all my heart.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was around 5 years old I had a lot of experiences but I did keep it quiet as I didn’t understand what was going on ,I had a lot of dreams and visions as a child and I did feel I didn’t belong until I got older and realised I do belong and I am here to do my purpose to use the beautiful gifts I had been given to help others in life going forward.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

To be honest every reading to each individual is special and unique to them and if they walk away happy then that makes me happy knowing I have helped them on their path going forward.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I don’t have qualifications as such, but my life experiences have helped me understand along the way. I am self-taught from a young age and my guides lead and show me the way in every part of my life, in which I trust there guidance always. Which helps me to understand and help people in these situations moving forward. I have done many readings for the last 20 years and healing to help other’s through their own journey.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Myself and my guides will link into the person and there guides first and I would advise for the individual just to relax be open and to trust in the link that myself and our guides will bring in the beautiful messages and guidance going forward in there reading . I like to work with questions so we can look into any situations in their life so we can look deeply into each situation.


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What our customers say about White Feather

I asked about one thing & she told me about something else coming in -and she was right. Good & caring reader.

- Kate

19th May 2024

Kerry is a fantastic reader, she tunes in deeply and accurately and delivers messages with kindness and compassion.

- Nancy

18th April 2024

Great reader

- Anon

28th March 2024

Thank you for the work you do. It's always a pleasure speaking with you as you bring a lot of clarity but also so much warmth and laughter. Have a lovely weekend 🙏🏼☀️🌺🧡🎶🎵🎶🌻

- G

26th January 2024

I recently had a reading with White Feather (Terry) and it was a truly enlightening experience. From the moment we started chatting, it felt like talking to an old friend – one who astonishingly knows everything about your past and what’s yet to unfold. White Feather provided wonderful insights into my career, revealing exciting prospects to look forward to. Moreover, the guidance about family matters and connecting with my parents was incredibly heartwarming and accurate. The way White Feather tunes in is remarkable; the conversation flowed seamlessly and blended so naturally. It was an experience filled with clarity and comfort, making me look forward to the future with optimism and a deeper understanding of my personal connections.

- AG

7th January 2024

This lady is a professional reader. No wasting time telling you how to prepare. She is prepared and goes straight into connecting and reading. Current information is accurate word for word. Empathic, genuine and understanding. Predictions in keeping with what I expect (as a reader myself), yet with added information, insights and predictions. Kerry is a breath of fresh air, a genuine, professional, easy to talk to, ready and prepared reader and a very good conduit for spirit. I highly recommend her. Very best wishes for the New Year Kerry. Thank You Tracey

- Tracey

7th January 2024

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, amazing, incredible, phenomenal!

- Jennifer

6th January 2024

Fantastic reader. Read the situation perfectly and confirmed what I already felt. Thank you xx

- Anon

6th December 2023

Amazing. She could tell peoples personalities spot on. Thank you so so much light at t end of a dark tunnel

- Anon

4th December 2023

I don't think I'll ever speak to another reader after connectig with White Feather. I've been having readings the past 12 months and feel I have finally met someone that was so easy to speak to and understood my situation. I've never wanted to stay on the phone to someone for so long and sad that you can only extend once. Thank you so much for this evening, I feel that I can move forward uplifted and have the patience and grounding I need for my person. Thank you so much Kerrie, I'll be back again soon x

- Anon

2nd December 2023

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