Call on your Angel

Some insightful knowledge about Angels and how to call upon them!

Call on your Angel
Imagine you could ask for blessings to flow into your life and those wishes and desires would be granted. According to angel healers, that's exactly what these celestial beings can do for you. Believers say that you can ask angels to bring positive forces, such as love, peace and abundance into your world.

Angels are spiritual beings who feature prominently in many religions. Their name means 'messenger' and they are thought to be a link between the human world and the Divine. You can ask angels for positive things, such as, 'I'd like to be more loving towards my partner/children/parents' but not for selfish things that may not be in your best interest, such as, 'I want riches and fame now!' Ask for your enlightened heart's desire during meditation, or while you are using crystals during spiritual practice, or just simply close your eyes and send out your request.
Your Angel
Everybody has a personal angel, known as your guardian angel. This divine being will watch over you and will help you if you ask. Although your guardian angel's protective presence is always around you, it cannot interfere in your life unless you make a request. If you're feeling down or are going through a stressful time, call on your guardian angel for help. Try imagining yourself surrounded and protected by a bright white light. Then ask your guardian angel to lift your spirits. Whisper your request quietly or say the words in your head. Imagine the white light raising you gently upwards and clearing your mind of worries.

Don't be embarrassed about asking your angel for help, after all it's a private spiritual process and nobody else has to know! The next step is to listen for the reply. You will find that angelic answers often arrive in subtle ways. You may find your eye drawn to a sentence in a book, or the words of a song on the radio or something a stranger says to you. Engage your brain and be aware of possible signs that could be a communication from your angel.
How to tap into Angel power
*Decide what would benefit your highest good at this time. Do you want to find love, a more fulfilling career or perhaps achieve peace of mind, forgiveness or be healed of an illness? Be aware that requests may be granted in unexpected ways.
*Make your request. Don't ask in a rush, take time to concentrate on what you want and send out your wishes from the heart.
*Be precise about what you are asking for. As with other spiritual practices like tarot, you are more likely to get a reply if you are specific. For example, ask, 'if it is for my highest good, I'd like my relationship with my new partner to deepen into love' rather than 'I want to fall in love'.
*Watch out for your answer. Be aware of any coincidences or signs that crop up as these may be your angelic message.
*Once you've recognised your sign make sure you act upon it. For example, if you are looking for a new job and you have asked your angel for guidance on whether to choose a particular career, then you then flick through a newspaper and see that career written about in a positive way: this may be your angelic sign that it's the right choice for you.
*Believe that the best outcome will manifest for you, even if it doesn't appear so at first. For instance, if the person you've been dating and hoping to have a relationship with turns out not to be suited to you, it's only so somebody even better can come into your life.
These are powerful beings who lead the ranks of angels, according to many spiritual traditions. Find out what the three foremost of them represent below and the issues on which they can each guide you.

Archangel Michael
The Protector
In spiritual tradition, Michael was the first angel created by the Divine. Chief among the other angels, Michael fights for truth, honesty, and courage on earth. His flaming sword cuts through the bonds of fear and protects us from negative forces.

*Bright blue or purple light is a sign of Michael's presence.

Call on him: when you feel afraid physically or emotionally. Also if your self-esteem is low or you feel drained, ask for his help. He can help you find your true self and follow you life path with integrity. Call on Michael if you suffer with illness, addiction or nightmares.
Archangel Raphael
The Healer
An angel with a gentle, loving energy, Raphael can heal your body and your mind. He will help you release all kinds of deep-seated pain. He is a natural guide for people in the healing professions, such as nurses, carers and doctors. Michael is also patron of travellers keeping them safe on both physical and spiritual journeys.

*Flashes of green light signify his presence.

Call on him: if you are space clearing your home as he will help to move on any negative energy. Michael can help you get in touch with your spiritual side. Turn to his gentle healing in times of bereavement and ask he to help you feel whole again. Ask Michael to watch over your pet if it strays so it can be returned safely.
Archangel Gabriel
The Messenger
Sometimes represented as a female figure, Gabriel is an angel of strength and action. In religious stories, she delivers important messages from the Divine.

Call on her: to understand the messages your subconscious and spiritual side is trying to communicate to you. She can help you interpret your dreams and guide you in the right direction. If you are stuck with a project, at work or at home, she can give you the inspiration and motivations to overcome your fears and act positively.


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