Communication problems and delays - Mercury Retrograde

Information to help get you prepared for Mercury Retrograde - 24th November – 16th December 2011

Some of us may be experiencing communication difficulties at the moment, such as crossed wires with clients and lovers, arguments and travel delays.

Feeling Frustrated?

Welcome to the beginning of Mercury Retrograde!

When a planet goes retrograde it literally means it’s moving backwards and all planets do this periodically. What tends to happen is that we are either moving faster or slower than the planet that is retrograde and because we have to turn around to see it, we call it “retrograde”. When any planet goes retrograde is offers us the chance to think and reflect on certain aspects and issues that have affected our lives over a certain period of time.
Many of us can detect the energy before it actually occurs, this is called “pre retrograde” when the planet is preparing to go backwards and usually occurs two-three weeks before the actual date of the retrograde motion.
You may have experienced problems already and perhaps noticed an odd, dull like energy in the air, almost as if there is a shadow lingering.

Have you had words with someone?
Experienced breakdowns in technology?
Misplaced something?
Or has your appointment inconveniently been cancelled?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then you may be beginning to experience the early signs of communication planet, Mercury going backwards. Eeek!

Mercury rules the Sun sign, Gemini and many people with strong Mercury in their charts are great speakers, writers and researchers. Therefore if Mercury is particularly strong in your chart then the retrograde motion of Mercury is sure to affect you, so knowing where about it sits in your chart can help you understand the way your mind works.

For example, In Greek mythology, Mercury as Hermes, messenger of the gods, has one foot in the physical world and another in the realm of the unseen. Mercury crosses mental boundaries into the mysteries of the imagination and the memories of the past. In the fertile landscape of the mind, your Mercury harvests and interprets your personal experience of life. It also speaks our interests, the material we read, who we communicate with and how we communicate. It is also connected with research, travel and education. So when Mercury goes retrograde we can expect delays in communication, travel problems and maybe even misunderstandings in communication.
Many people complain about all sorts of irritations when Mercury is retrograde so it’s not a bad idea to be prepared for such inconveniences that may disrupt our usual patterns and routines. It doesn’t mean that everything will fall flat on your face but it does indicate mix ups! Take note of simple things such as signing contracts, making sure you leave for work on time, or stepping back during a confusing conversation. It is also a good idea to back up any files you have on a computer as Mercury enjoys playing tricks with technology when he is retrograde!

The date Mercury will go retrograde is 24th November, which is when the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Because Sagittarius is also associated with travel, overseas connections could be interesting! Not only that but Sagittarius like to look at the bigger picture in life so this retrograde season could have you thinking about what it is you truly believe in or what it is you want out of life. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter can be very spiritual and optimistic, so you may even consider revamping your spiritual path way. Don’t forget that Sagittarius also has a tendency to exaggerate so travel plans may not be what they seem. Sagi can also be overly optimistic so if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

The retrograde finally comes to an end on 16th December, and boy should you feel it! Just in time for Christmas. Phew!

Information on Mercury:

Mercury can be seen low in the east before the sunrise or low in the west after sunset. It is visible in the mornings from these approximate dates:

January 1st - February 13th
April 18th – June 5th
August 25th – September 19th
December 10th – 31st

The planet is brighter at the end of each period and is visible in the evenings from

March 7th - April 2nd
June 20th – August 9th
October 12th – November 28th

Refs – Llewellyn’s Planetary book 2011-11-09
Mercury quote -


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