21 Affirmations to improve your life

Imagine improving almost every aspect of your life just by saying a simple phrase. Well, the good news is you can do just that by using positive affirmations.

An affirmation is a such a simple thing, but they really can be transformative!

Imagine improving almost every aspect of your life just by saying a simple phrase. Well, the good news is you can do just that by using positive affirmations. A spiritual technique, affirmations enable you to direct your thoughts and intentions towards a positive outcome for yourself.

When you allow your thoughts to flow, often you'll find your mind tends to focus on the negative side. For example, you worry about what might happen in the future, or you underestimate your talents. This can trap you in a spiral of negative thinking. Affirmations are a way of breaking out of negative thinking by taking control of your thoughts. By affirming your good qualities and the good things in your life you are switching your thoughts, intentions and energy onto the positive to attract it back to you.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are more than just positive phrases. They are confidence-boosting little bursts of positive energy that will help you create the life you want. Based on the spiritual idea that your thoughts become your reality, affirmations help you to un-root negativity from your mind and re-program your thinking. If you focus your thoughts on positive affirmations, those life-improving sentiments in your affirmations will be attracted into your life.

How to use affirmations

Decide what you want to achieve or to change in your life then create an affirmation to suit this goal. Keep the sentiment short, usually between three and ten words works best. This keeps your intention focused and it is easier to remember. Use powerful active words that are meaningful to you. Affirmations are always in the present tense because you want to change or improve now, not in the future or in the past.

Write down your chosen affirmations and stick them up around your home in places where you will see them frequently. You could even email or text them to yourself, or post them on your social media page. Take moments throughout your day to repeat the affirmation in your mind. Do it at least five times a day, but more is better. Repeating them once every hour that you are awake is very powerful.

The beauty of an affirmation is you can practice it anywhere and it takes just seconds. But you must say the affirmation (in your head or out loud) with intention, belief and meaning. Think or say the words of the affirmation as if you believe them - and, eventually, you will.

The most potent affirmations are the ones you write yourself because you are speaking from your soul. But you can use given affirmations very effectively if they resonate with you. Pick one or two of the affirmations from below to get you started. Then try writing your own.

Positive affirmations

1) I create my reality

Use it: to understand you are free to create the life you want

2) I am ready for change

Use it: to realise you are strong enough to face anything

3) I accept myself as I am

Use it: to realise you are precious as you are

4) I deserve love

Use it: to know you are worthy of love

5) I am confident

Use it: when you need a boost

6) I socialise easily with others. I like people like me

Use it: when you feel anxious about social situations

7) I trust myself to succeed

Use it: when you have a tough task to tackle

8) I have amazing talents. I use my talents

Use it: to have faith in your abilities

9) I am worthy of respect

Use it: to know you should always be treated well

10) I trust everything is working out for my highest good

Use it: to stop worrying

11) I forgive myself

Use it: to stop mentally beating yourself up

12) I accept healing. I am healing

Use it: when you need healing

13) I release past hurts. I am free from my past

Use it: to banish the past

14) I am powerful. I feel my power

Use it: when you need courage

15) Good fortune is flowing into my life

Use it: all the time

16) I trust my intuition. I listen to it

Use it: when you need guidance

17) I only have healthy relationships. I am treated well

Use it: all the time

18) I choose to be at peace

Use it: when you need to soothe your mind

19) I am safe and protected

Use it: when you need to feel safe

20) I have the courage to live my dreams

Use it: to achieve your life goals

21) I have compassion for myself and for others

Use it: all the time

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