Get back in touch with your senses

How taste and smell can enhance your mood and spirituality

Different sorts of aromas can lift your mood and make you feel uplifted and enchanted. The smell of berries, the smell of coffee, freshly made bread or just rain outside your window.
According to Sara Rose smell molecules are known to travel along the olfactory pathways and directly into our limbic system, which is part of the brain that controls memories, instincts and vital functions. It is for this reason that some smells are intensely evocative and conjure up vivid scenes within us, in particular our memories.
Have you ever noticed how magical it is when you pick up a smell from your past? Perhaps your Grandmother’s cooking or the smell of your mother’s perfume? Perhaps even the smell of your old school? Scents are magical and can release us from stress. We can use the power of essences to transcend our thoughts into something harmonious and heavenly.

In terms of spirituality, scents and tastes can also help us develop our instincts. In fact some mediums and psychics have an ability called “Clairgustance” which means “clear taste”. This means that the gifted psychic can taste something in their mouth or smell something about the client during the reading. You often hear mediums giving such descriptions to clients on TV such as “she is putting roses under my nose, I can smell roses”. You may have even had this experience yourself? Where you can smell something but you don’t know why? Pay attention to what you can smell or taste in your mouth as often this can mean that spirit our trying to connect with us. After all, they do work in unusual ways!

Things to help you:

• Peppermint oil can provide you with a cooling and calming sensation
• Rose oil is beautiful and provides warmth to the soul
• Roman Chamomile oil – Soothing to the senses and sweet, this can help with inspiration and connection to spirit
• Ylang Ylang oil – great for relaxation

If you don’t feel that oils help you to tune into your senses then why not try incense or scented candles? Spiced berries are perfect for this time of year as they welcome in the festive seasons and get you in the mood.

Do you feel tired and drained at work? Why not keep a small bottle of your favourite scent by your desk? Or if you work from home keep your favourite scent on the go to help align your senses. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that give us the kick start we need to get our minds going again!


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