Hope - The future's looking bright for you, if you allow it!

More people than ever before are rejecting rigid, traditional belief systems. Instead, people are realising spirituality is innately inside every single person on the planet!

 Seeing the positive side of life and retaining a sense of sunny optimism is a great strategy for a happier life.

Are you feeling despondent about your life or world events? With global turmoil reaching fever pitch, it's easy to fall into a mindset of negativity. You might think that everything seems dark and dismal. But it's not true! Every day carries the promise of change - if you fill your mind with hope.

Hope is sometimes seen as a weak emotion, for example 'hoping for the best'. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Despair and negativity make you weak. Hope makes you strong. If you have hope for the future, you can change the world. Beginning with yourself.

12 Reasons To Have Hope For The Future

1) Nothing lasts forever

The universe is in a constant state of change. Just as the seasons turn from dark to light, winter to summer, then back again, so do events in the world. So even when life feels too difficult to cope with, remember: things always change for the better.

2) Hope makes you happy

If you assume the best will happen, it will. Trust and know that events will work out for the best. By hoping you attract positivity to you. Hope makes you happy. Your mind will be positive and active if you have hope.

3) Most people are good

Bad people doing bad things make news stories, so it's easy to think the world is full of evil. In fact, the world is brimming with goodness - you just don't hear so much about it. Most people are good and want to create good - even if you don't agree with their opinions. So get out of the mindset that the world is full of bad people because it's simply not true!

4) You can choose change

No matter what the situation in your life, you are free to make the choice that will change things for you. Have hope you can find a way out because you can, if you put your mind to finding a solution. If situations you dislike are forced upon you, don't just complain or hide away: take action that works towards future change.

5) Obstacles can be a catalyst for a better life

Everyone hits bumps in the metaphorical road of life. Instead of despairing, see them as a way to hone your plans. See them as ways to improve your willpower to create a better future. Obstacles can bring your hopes into focus and give you the drive to overcome them.

6) Everything can change in a moment

Like the plot of your favourite TV programme, life is full of twists and turns. One minute you're up, the next you're down, then you're back up again. So if life seems hopeless, know that everything can change in a moment. Work towards the change you want and watch your situation improve in a heartbeat.

7) Anything is possible

Have hope that something good could happen. Even the most unlikely scenario could play out to your best interest. Surprising and good things happen every day.

8) Opportunities are everywhere

Have hope every morning when you wake up because every new day is an opportunity for you to change life for the better. Grasp every opportunity you can. Even the smallest changes make a difference over time.

9) Bad times make the good times sweeter

If you'd never known hurt or struggle, would you appreciate success as keenly? If you are always in the sun, it gets hot and sweaty! But if you experience the warmth of the sun after a rain storm it feels wonderful. Always have hope that good times will return to your life.

10) Hope is productive

If you don’t have hope that you’ll be able to achieve your goal, then you'll stop trying. Being hopeful keeps you striving and trying to reach your ambition. The more you try the more likely you are to reach your goal. Without hope you won't achieve anything.

11) Spirituality is on the rise

More people than ever before are rejecting rigid, traditional belief systems. Instead, people are realising spirituality is innately inside every single person on the planet! People are freeing themselves from stifling and damaging religious rules and regulations, while opening up to the universal spirituality of compassion and altruism. The world is waking up to spirituality! What could be more hopeful?

12) Everyone is more connected

Information pings around the planet in ways unimaginable a decade ago. This can be a great force of hope. Being more connected means you can share information, causes and calls to action with people you've never even met. If used for good, the internet and social media can open up new channels of communication to facilitate positive change. Hope offers you a brighter vision of the future.

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