Energy Articles

Psychic Protection

Banish negativity and protect yourself when meditating with these visualizations ...

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Lift Your Spirits

Banish winter blues with these tips to keep your mind body and soul feeling healthy ...

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The Power of Feng Shui

Harmonise your home with this ancient Chinese art of earth divination ...

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What Does Your Aura Say About You?

A look at the different coloured auras and their spiritual meanings. ...

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Change Your Life with the Law of Attraction

Think your way to success with the Law of Attraction ...

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How to Meditate

A lot of people believe that they have no time for meditation, but if you find just ten minutes for yourself in the day, you will reap the benefits; meditation is all about quality, not quantity. ...

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Why Ghosts Aren't Spooky!

Most spirits aren't spooky spectres trying to make you shudder with fright. The majority of reported spirit contact is with departed loved ones who are seeking to comfort the living. Consulting a medium is the best way to understand your spirit message. ...

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Discover Your Healing Colour

How colour therapy can help you heal. Find out about the meanings of colours and how they can help you. ...

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Find Your Power Animal

According to Shamanic tradition, everyone has a power animal. A protector and guide, this animal symbolises your character strengths and points to the qualities you need to develop. ...

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Silence Your Inner Critic

You can't begin to live a spiritual life unless you value and respect yourself and other people. Article explains how to build your self esteem and respect. ...

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Balance your chakras

What are chakras? How to keep healthy by keeping chakras balanced ...

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How to be Happy

Find happiness from within with these spiritual tips - Plus how to put material concerns into perspective ...

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