Finding Beauty In Change

Learn how to embrace change and find the beauty in your new situation.


Everything changes. From the colour of a leaf, down to the size of our waistlines and wardrobes - life is dictated by this pesky phenomenon we call change. But while we all know that change happens, many of us still find ourselves unable to deal with the reality that it brings.

Whether you’re breaking up with an ex, moving to a new job or leaving an old one, dealing with the loss of another or simply trying to break your old habits, change is inevitable. But that doesn’t always mean it’s easy.

How we deal with change is crucial towards the outcome of our new direction. Some choose to greet change through gritted teeth and find discomfort in it; others welcome it as a path to new discovery and reinvention. So if our outlook alters the conclusion, then surely acceptance is the best strategy when dealing with change... even if it is hard finding beauty in that horrible ex!

I’ve accepted change into my life since a young age. Some of these situations have been difficult, but by acknowledging that change can happen, I’ve opened my life to new possibilities and no longer hide in fear!

With this idea of acceptance in mind, here are some ways you can find beauty in change, and keep those niggling doubts at bay.



“Things do not change; we change.”

-Henry David Thoreau

If you repeat our mantra about change being inevitable, you’ll soon realise that sometimes things are simply out of our control. People change, relationships change. Even our unwavering ideals change. Accepting change is to accept the possibilities that life gives us.

No, not every relationship will end badly and not every career change will start off swimmingly. But it could happen. Our thoughts and opinions at any one moment can be different from the last, so why berate yourself about something the OLD you wanted or didn’t. And why be angry at others for the same thing? Listen to your heart. This change has occurred for a reason outside your control. Embrace it and own it.  


“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

- Albert Einstein

Change may sometimes be difficult, but it can also bring endless opportunity. It challenges us to branch out of our comfort zones and react to new situations. You may meet new people and look at things in new ways. Yes, your situation may seem tough at the moment but down the line think about how much you could gain. Change can teach you how to adapt and be flexible. Your life before the change may have been comfortable, but is comfort really that exciting? Give me adrenalin and excitement over the same-old routine any day!



“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Changes can lead to both good and bad times. But one thing is certain, it will test your metal and you will come out the other side a stronger person. Overcoming adversity means that you will face many hardships, but your character will thank you in the long run.

Becoming stronger through change creates the unique opportunity to develop and readjust as a person. Change triggers progress. Think of it in terms of a snowball effect. One small change can manifest multiple others. Your routine you thought you were once happy with may now seem mundane and uninteresting. Use this new outlook to reach for something better and more on target with your new you.



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