Christmas Crystals

Use crystals to send out good intentions and embody the hope, joy, happiness and kindness of Christmas.

Christmas Crystals

How To Use Your Christmas Crystals

Christmas is a time when people become more open to acts of kindness. It's as if everyone suddenly becomes more aware of their actions and experiences an increased sense of unity. But along with the extra helpings of love and laughter comes stress and overwork for some, in the struggle to find extra cash for presents and have a 'perfect' Christmas Day with relatives. For others this time of year means loneliness and sadness - those without family, the bereaved, and the homeless.

Healing crystals can embody the positive qualities of Christmas, such as hope, joy, happiness and kindness, and they can help to dispel negative feelings. You can channel the good vibrations created by this time of year to help yourself, your family and to send love to those for whom Christmas is not a happy time.

Natural earth-formed crystals have unique internal structures that vibrate at different frequencies. They have been used for thousands of years to aid spiritual and emotional healing. Anybody can use crystals for healing. The only requirement is to come to the process with an open heart and with good intentions. What you are doing is using the crystal as an amplifier for your good intentions which will be sent out to those who need and want them. As you become more in tune with your crystals, you will begin to feel the power of these little stones.

Small pieces of tumbled or rough crystal are very inexpensive. You can find them in crystal or spiritual shops on the high street or online. Choose the crystal that you feel drawn to or ones whose qualities you want to work with. Always cleanse a new piece of crystal before you use it and cleanse again before every future use. Do this by running the crystal under the cold water tap and asking for all existing outside energies to be removed and for it to be re-charged with light, joyful and healing energy. You can use more than one type of crystal at the same time to send healing for multiple intentions.

Christmas Crystals For Yourself:
Choose a crystal for the issue you wish to heal. For example, if you are feeling stressed, choose a crystal such as black tourmaline, tiger's eye or amethyst. You can find lists of crystal meanings for free online.
Place your crystal on the part of your body you feel the emotional illness, for example if you feel stressed is that feeling in your head, your heart or your stomach? Place the crystal on the relevant area. If you feel it in all three places, use three crystals.
Or perhaps you just want to enhance your feeling of happiness or feel greater compassion, then place the crystal over your heart.
Lie down in a quiet, safe place and hold your crystal in your hand. Focus your mind on the issue you want to heal in yourself. Feel the crystal in your hand it may become very cold - this is its energy you can feel. Place the crystal on the relevant part of your body and relax, keeping your intention in your mind. Focus your awareness on the crystal, visualise its healing energy filtering into your body. Continue for at least ten minutes or as long as you like.

For Family And Friends:
If you are aware that a certain relative always feels sad at Christmas because of the loss of a loved one, or if you think that a friend or colleague seems stressed or worried at this time of year, send them some crystal healing. Choose the relevant crystal to heal their particular issue as before. But this time hold it in your hand and visualise the person you'd like to send healing. Imagine healing light the same colour as the crystal you're using, radiating out from the crystal to this person. Visualise the person becoming happier and healthier.

For Strangers:
You don't have to know people personally to send them crystal healing. You can direct love, happiness and healing at a stranger you see, or to people you have never met, such as people in war torn countries, people who are hungry or living in poverty or suffering anywhere in the world. Hold the crystal in your hand and ask that its healing rays be directed where they are needed.

Crystal Ideas

Natural Irystals are spiritual powerhouses but they are also very beautiful objects. So you can decorate your living room with them and raise the spiritual vibration in your home at the same time! Amethysts, clear quartz and rose quartz are beneficial crystals to have in your home.

Decorate your tree with crystals instead of tinsel. Buy drilled stones or crystal beads and thread them onto cotton or elastic. Tie up the ends and wind the strings of crystals around your Christmas tree.

Crystal tea light holders send out healing rays of light from your chosen crystal, making your festive home look warm and inviting. Never leave flames unattended.

A natural crystal angel decoration or star shape would be the perfect to put on top of your tree.

Hang larger single crystals around your home or on the tree as glitzy and vibration-raising festive ornaments.

A string of faceted clear quartz crystals hung from a window will reflect light into your home, adding a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Christmas Crystal Selection
To enhance:
Compassion: Rose quartz, rhodonite, angelite
Happiness: tiger's eye, yellow citrine, chrysoprase
Hope: topaz, jade
Joy: apophyllite, aquamarine
Love: rose quartz, garnet
Kindness: turquoise
Calming: aventurine
Cleansing: clear quartz

To dispel:
Addiction: amethyst
Loneliness: carnelian
Sadness: amethyst, fluorite
Stress: hematite, smoky quartz
Depression: lapis lazuli, smoky quartz


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