The spiritual healing powers of water and the emotions

Some interesting facts and information

Have you ever considered that water represents our emotions? Water is an extremely powerful element as we know from the biblical story of Noah where the great flood took place. The idea was that it had the power to transform and destroy, water was seen as cleansing the Earth through disobedience and this is why so many of us believe that the divine speaks to us through nature.
Without water we simply couldn’t live, but water doesn’t just help us to survive it also assists us with a huge variety of matters that we may have overlooked. Since ancient times water has represented spiritual ideas and continues to do so. It is also very much linked with our feelings.

 [1]According to research our internal experience of emotions is strikingly similar to the way we experience water. This similarity is not a coincidence considering that 70 to 80 percent of our body is made of water. It is believed that many behaviors that water displays are similar to the way we experience our feelings. This is due to the fact that emotions are more structured than believed, and they are, like water, which are essential to our existence.
One example compared emotions to waves. For example, water exhibits waves, and so does our sentiment. Like waves, your feelings tend to circulate which then has an adverse affect on others, and vice versa. We may display feelings of anger or sadness hence a tide of other peoples’ anxieties, fears or feelings can then affect our mood as well.

This also applies to enthusiasm. If ten people sitting in a room are giving off vibes of enthusiasm then you will undoubtedly pick it up as well. Water also seems to be able to carry memory and change its structure according to the direct environment around it. It has feeling and remembers as researcher [2]Dr Emoto demonstrated. He discovered that water is hypersensitive to the power of thought and can therefore change its crystal like structure according to the power of belief of intention.

Water will also retain the memory of the direct environment surrounding it  and the transmission of frequency has a direct impact on the behaviour of water. Memory appears to be communicated through water, so our cells are an entire global population within the body interacting like a chorus of harmonic frequency with one another through water. Emoto speculates that we have touch and recall memory not from electrical impulses travelling through nerves to the brain but actually by impulses of standing waves transmitted by the oscillation of frequency of water to the DNA of the nerve fibre called micro-tubulin antenna network that is said to superimpose memory upon the body tissues.
We as humans also have the ability to retain a lot of water and in particular this applies to women. The zodiac sign, Aquarius is said to be a “water bearer” in the sense that the energy can “bear water” and “bear” other peoples’ feelings and emotions. It has the capacity to detach and become objective.
Water in astrology is considered a very powerful element and again links in with emotions, sensitivity and psychic ability. A lot of water in someone’s chart can speak about a hypersensitivity and psychic gift. It also has the ability to heal and cleanse. We drink water to detoxify and cleanse our minds. Water also helps us to feel balanced and can also provide clarity to our thoughts such as drinking water, taking a bath or sitting near a calm and tranquil stream. Water is also the key ingredient to most remedies and therapies as without it we would not be able to mix the other essentials.
Visualising water and feeling it on our skin can also create a sense of calmness. Water vapour moves through layers and removes debris and negative energy. We also need water after heat as rain clears away close, tense atmospheres. Water is a vital part of spirituality and healing our mind and soul, for example showering, massaging, swimming and cleansing. We use water to cleanse our crystals, to clean, to nurture flowers.

Water also drains out of the bath tub and helps to rid any psychic energy that we don’t need. Playing or swimming in water helps to revitalise and build  our energies back up. Christians rely on water for baptism and redemption signifying the rebirth of the soul. Other religions and spiritualist employ the idea of water to cleanse their homes and their environments and it is also believed that by leaving a bowl of salted/water in the room after a heated discussion or argument can help to cleanse away negativity.
Other facts about water
  • Water is the central source of our beings. It is part of every cell and fiber in us; it is our very essence. 
  • Water meditation and bath was created with the generous, perceptive, and experienced help of William E. Marks, the author of The Holy Order of Water.
  • Water covers about 70 percent of the earth's surface in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and glaciers
  • The holy books of the Hindus explain that all the inhabitants of the earth emerged from the primordial sea
  • Water is linked with the moon through the movement of tides and by its moon-like flowing, shape-changing quality
  • In Christianity, baptism links the concepts of the water of life with the waters of purification
  • In Judaeo-Christian culture, God is called "the fountain of living waters" (Jeremiah 2.13)




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