10 Gut Instincts To Never Ignore

Ever get a fluttering in your stomach when you're nervous? Or have you had a sinking feeling in your gut when you know things have gone wrong? Here are the top ten instances when you should never ignore your gut feeling.

Instincts can tell us a lot and also affect how we feel physically, especially in our stomachs, so don't ignore these messages from your second brain!


Ever get a fluttering in your stomach when you're nervous? Or have you had a sinking feeling in your gut when you know things have gone wrong? Researchers refer to the gut as your second brain because it is full of sensitive nerve endings and it communicates directly with the brain. So there's a good reason people talk about a 'gut feeling' being important. It's because your gut is one of the places you feel your intuition communicating with you. Here are the top ten instances when you should never ignore your gut feeling.

1) Danger!

Your gut instinct is there to keep you safe. So if something 'feels' wrong get yourself out of the situation fast. Don't ignore this feeling. Also don't worry about looking strange or rude by following your gut instinct. Who cares if you're wrong! Better safe than sorry.

2) It feels right

Initial impressions are powerful indicators of what's good (or bad) for you. This is because initial impressions come from your gut instinct. So if you initially like something, such as a new area to live, a house or a job - that's your gut instinct telling you it's good. Of course you might then tend to analyse the situation and find problems with it. But over-analysing will always find issues. So perhaps, in some cases, you should go with your gut when it tells you something is positive for you.

3) Something feels wrong

So everything looks perfect on the surface. Logically, it's a no-brainer. Everyone says you should do it. Yet you can shake a funny feeling that it's not right for you. Not life-threateningly wrong, but still wrong. Listen to your gut and find an alternative way.

4) Sympathy

If your feel sympathy for a person or creature - this should not be ignored. It's your gut instinct telling you this person or creature needs your help. So help them as much as you can without endangering yourself. One day you might be the one who needs the help.

5) I know!

Ever suddenly felt sure you know what to do? Well, this eureka moment comes from your gut. Your gut instinct is telling you to have faith in yourself because you're right - you know how to do this! In this instance, your gut is telling you to take that leap of faith or take a positive risk. Be brave - you can do this!

6) Negative Energy detector

Your gut will let you know if a person or situation is not the best for you. You might feel drained of energy, tired or just feel 'off' when you are around them. This is your gut telling you this person or situation has negative energy that is dragging you down. Not necessarily dangerous, but not healthy, either. So you should avoid or change your routine to miss out on the negativity.

7) This is it!

A bit like your eureka moment of knowing how to do something. Your gut might tell you 'this is it' about a big decision, such as house buying or a new romantic relationship. Your gut instinct helps you recognise that something or someone is right for you in one heady rush of realisation.

8) This isn't working

You might not want to admit it in your conscious brain. It might be too difficult to acknowledge at first. So that's why your gut has to let you know that something - a situation or relationship - isn't working out. Make a break or take steps to mend the relationship but don't carry on as you are.

9) You'll regret it!

Your gut has a direct line to your mind so remember that when you hear that little voice inside your head telling you that you're going to regret your actions later. This is your instinct telling you that no matter what the short term gain or thrill, you will damage your life by indulging. So don't! Listen to your gut instinct. Don't allow other people to over-ride your gut instinct.

10) Do they care for you?

Your gut instinct is the best barometer for relationships, whether friendships or romantic. You know deep down if someone loves or cares for you by the way they treat you and by the way you feel around them - regardless of what they say to you. This 'knowing' is your instinct, which will tell you whether your relationship is real.

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