Candle magic

The power of lighting a candle

Lighting a candle is quite a powerful thing to do. Lots of witches use candles for good spells and meditation as they are a vital part of rituals. Candles can also lighten your mood and make you feel better after a hard day.
They also signify the Fire Element and spiritual qualities such as protection and strength. They create harmonious atmospheres and can help us to connect with spirit. You can also use candles for colour healing. For example, if you were to pick a colour that made you feel happy and burn it with the intention of creating happiness you would soon find your mood lifting. If you wanted to send positive vibes to a loved one you could use the colour Pink and create a poetic ritual. Or, to create a more powerful affect you could do this under a Full Moon where energies are more vibrant.

Just make sure that whenever you burn your candle and send out your thoughts or rituals always repeat “with love and light” Or “And it be for highest good and by Divine Will…..”. This ensure a positive outcome.


Why not add essential oils? Orange oil is perfect for space clearing
Create an altar – somewhere you can sit each time you light a candle
Burning sage can help to get rid of smoggy energies
Buy a special candle holder for each time you make your wish (this can be something personal to you)
If you are wishing to create peace and harmony between you and another person- Imagine yourself and him/her in the flame as you light it and repeat “I wish you love and light, I wish you harmony and peace” until you feel satisfied

Colour list to help you with your candle burning:

White: Protection, purification and peace
Red: Sex, lust, passion and courage
Pink: Love, friendships, honour and morality
Orange: Stimulation, optimism and attraction
Yellow: Happiness, confidence and intelligence
Green: Luck, Money and growth
Light Blue: Communication, healing and tranquillity
Dark Blue: Psychic powers and change
Purple: Meditation, protection and anything spiritual
Brown: Animal healing – also great for grounding
Grey: Clears away negativity and is great for anything neutral
Black – The best for negative vibes and getting rid of unwanted thoughts

And remember – never leave a burning flame unattended!


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