Colour Meditation

A look at how colour can help influence our emotions during meditation.

What is colour meditation?

Colour can influence your emotions and help to lift your spirits. Vibrant reds and oranges, or gentle blues and greens each have their own energy that works on a subconscious level to alter your mood. One of the easiest ways to access the healing power of colour is to incorporate it into a 10-minute meditation. This quick pick-me-up can help soothe your emotions if you are feeling worried, or it can give you a burst of energy if you are feeling lethargic.



Choose your Colour

You don't need any special tools to perform a colour meditation. You can use the colour on any object, such as a pen, a postcard, a book, fabric, a flower, a furnishing, a crystal - anything with a colour that appeals to you. Try painting or collecting your own colour swatches. Stick them into a notebook or keep them in a box, then you can flick through the tones to find the one that suits your mood.

Read the descriptions below and decide which shade you need. Some colours are calming, while others are invigorating and others could help unlock your spiritual side.

Red: Good for increasing your confidence, this stimulating colour is connected to survival and your life-force. It is the colour of leadership, ambition and will-power. It can motivate you and increase your desire for physical passions, such as food, sex, and life itself.

Yellow: Connected to the mind and learning, this colour can help you become more mentally agile. It is linked to practical problem-solving and analytical, methodical thought, making this a good colour to focus on while studying for any kind of exam or trying to plan for the future. Yellow is uplifting and can help you to feel more optimistic and curious.

Orange: Use this colour if you have suffered a loss, as orange helps you heal from despair and grief. Use orange if you need a confidence boost in social situations or to help you look on the bright side of life if you are feeling low. Orange will help open your mind to new ideas and it encourages the spirit of adventure.

Blue: Calming and tranquil, pale blue will help you relax. Blue denotes order and gentle guidance. Use blue if you are meditating upon a friendship. Blue builds confidence in a steady, understated way and encourages you to express your needs. It is linked to spiritual matters and religious contemplation.

Pink: A gentle nurturing colour energy, pink is comforting and soothing. It is the colour of romance, long-lasting love, and innocence. Use pink to dispel anger and bring forth hope.

Green: The colour of renewal and harmony. Use green if you feel unbalanced by life's events. Green will help you re-invent yourself but in a gentle, gradual way. This colour is favourably linked to business ventures and encourages abundance and prosperity.

Violet: A good shade to turn to if you are trying to delve into your spiritual side. Violet is a link between the physical and the spiritual world. It can expand your consciousness and connect you to a higher realm. It is also linked to understanding dreams and understanding ideas. It is a creative colour.

White: The colour of innocence and purity. White symbolises the wiping clean of the past and beginning again. White gives you a fresh start. White will refresh your mind, cleanse your emotions and bring peace to your life. Clear quartz is a great meditation tool for this colour.

girl meditating at sunrise


Try it...

A Colour Meditation

1) Choose your colour, according to the emotion you want to focus upon.

2) Sit in a quiet, safe place where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes.

3) Put your colour object on your lap with your hands resting gently on it, palm side downwards.

4) Release all worries and mundane thoughts from your mind. Imagine them disappearing into the distance.

5) Look at your colour. Focus on it. Imagine this colour washing over you. Think about how it makes you feel. Think about the emotions it brings to you.

6) Think about the qualities of this colour that you want to take from it. Repeat the words you associate with it in your mind. So if it's red, you might say, 'Confidence, energy or passion'. If it's pink, you might say, 'Love, calm, peace'.

7) See the colour surrounding you. Imagine it penetrating your mind, your skin, your emotions. Feel the energy it brings you.

8) Sit quietly like this for ten minutes. Try to make time everyday to perform your colour meditation to really feel its effects.


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