Controlling self doubt with the power of “I AM”

Making positive statements

The power phrase “I AM” is an affirmation we can all make within ourselves when we go through any period of doubt. Interestingly, the Aries motto is “I AM” and Aries are said to be one of the most confident signs of the zodiac and they are usually famous for telling it how it is! They are noted for their courage, leadership skills and confidence. They don’t usually hesitate and they fight for what they want. We all have this quality within us; we just need to be aware of how we can go about achieving the things that we really desire in life.

Many of us choose to doubt our abilities, our needs and the people around us. We choose to do this because we refer to our past experiences when we were growing up. If we are doubting a situation or a person then we must try and identify why this is and then consider the doubt when we feel clearer emotionally and able to think with a rational mind. How are your doubts playing a part in your mind? Is it your intuition that is telling you that a person is bad for you? Or do you fear that person because of past experiences? Sometimes we lose our power as people. We forget about the self and we forget about how we can achieve things.

Many people don’t believe positive thinking is possible, they don’t believe that just by changing their thoughts they can begin to accomplish the things that they always wanted. According to research one of the biggest keys to power and achievement is to do something that you don’t like doing. It is believed that successful people still do things they don’t want to do just so that they can reach the top. It is a feeling of adrenaline and self fulfilment that leads them to their ultimate goal in life. When we take part in an activity or a routine that takes us out of our comfort zone we begin to experience a feeling of victory that automatically makes us want to congratulate ourselves for putting ourselves through such a horrible process, just so that we can say “There, see I have done it”. This is because we are building on an inner strength during the process. If we face our fears we can become better people.

Another self help technique suggests that we take back our own power and identify with who we are by using the phrase “I AM “. If you speak the words “I AM” out loud or in your head it automatically makes you feel more in tune and at ease with yourself, simply because you are reminding yourself that YOU ARE and therefore nothing can stop you, stand in your way or make you doubt yourself. It is only when we have issues with ourselves that the world begins to spiral out of control, but the truth, is that we can indeed feel safe in our own worlds, if we are willing to share, adapt and change.

So when the individual says "I AM", he/she is using the Creative Attribute of the Godhead and announcing Creation at his/her particular point in the Universe. For example, you are reclaiming your space back into the universe. If you feel as if you have been cramped or trampled over then by affirming “I AM” you can begin to feel more comfortable with yourself again.

The power of “I AM” also suggests that every moment can be a moment of perfection if you want it to be. It is about taking time to appreciate perfect forms, experiences and feelings. However the power of “I AM” as far as perfection goes also suggests that he/she must use their own energy to utter the Decree which will release that Perfection unto them.

Becoming aware of what it is we want to perfect first will lead us onto the right path, it will boost our confidence, our wellbeing and also our aura. You may well notice the presence you portray to others when you walk into a room through your own mind power and determination after spending time affirming to yourself who you are and what you want to achieve. It may seem ridiculous at first , reminding yourself who you are morning, noon and night, but the process should have a long term affect on the sub conscious mind allowing you to feel more liberated and free in your actions. So by repeating “I AM or I WILL” as often as you feel the need will give you your sense of identity back. You should start to notice a difference even within a week!

Examples to try:

“I AM able to move on from the past”
“I WILL complete my next task”
“I AM able to give a clear and accurate speech in front of a crowd of people that I do not know”.
“I WILL take my power back”
“I AM going out even though I don’t feel like it; I WILL have a good evening by taking my power and inner identity back”.



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